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Gold Coast Victory Campaign 2019 Testimonies

“I would like to thank you for praying with me about the preparation to bring my Son (diagnosed with autism, but he is healed now in Jesus name!) to the Gold Coast Victory Campaign. Praise God! We went and attended the 3 sessions on Friday night, Saturday morning Healing School and the evening closing session. I…

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

Wish you could sit down to coffee with Kenneth and Gloria Copeland? Find out some of the things only friends and family have known until now! If you could sit down to have coffee with Kenneth and Gloria Copeland (Kenneth will take tea), what would you ask them? Maybe you’d want to know how to…

Real People. Real Victories

I am so thankful for the Believer’s Voice of Victory magazine. An article I read in the January 2011 issue, ‘Get on the Right Road’ changed my life forever. My entire life was in darkness, I was on the wrong path, I had addictions I and carried so much baggage. I was ashamed of myself,…

Real Partners. Real Stories

“Just thought I would share my testimony of how God healed my eye condition. I was diagnosed at the beginning of the year with a condition known as detached retina in my right eye. The eye specialist who I was seeing told me that more than likely I would need surgery to correct this problem….

Real Partners. Real Stories

Here are just a few of the MANY amazing testimonies and praise reports that we receive daily from Partners & friends just like you… I received prayer from KCM for healing from cancer. I received a letter from KCM about getting up in the morning and speaking out healing scriptures for myself. I realised the…


BVOV is Changing Lives.

Everywhere you look, faith is under attack. Flip on your TV and you’ll see Christian values de-valued on just about every show. Like you, we’ve had enough. And we’re doing something about it. Over the years, through the Believers Voice of Victory (BVOV) broadcast, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland have helped believers grow in the things…

We’re Here for you!

Ever since the Lord told Kenneth Copeland to preach the uncompromised Word of God on every available voice, proclaiming the truth of God’s Word and His unconditional love, has been the focus and mission of Kenneth Copeland Ministries. To enable us to carry out this mission, KCM have established office’s worldwide, including Australia. At KCM we…

Real Partners. Real Stories

Read below, Real Life Testimonies from Partners & Friends of Kenneth Copeland Ministries… I am 84 years old and have been battling fear all my life. On Friday I rang KCM for prayer. I have had a fear of doctors since I was a small boy and would awake with nightmares of doctors operating on…

Real Partners, Real Stories

Read below, Real Life Testimonies from Partners & Friends of Kenneth Copeland Ministries.. “My name is Sean Eddington. My wife Carol Eddington recently planted a church called Covenant Christian Church in Victoria Australia. We also run a ministry call ARK Global Ministries. We just want to thank Kenneth and Gloria Copeland so much for their…

Real Partners. Real Stories

“10 years ago my son went to live with his father. It broke my heart and so began a long road of prayer, tears and heartache. Over the years God encouraged me in my darkest hours. I read books, listened to tapes, CD and DVD to encourage myself in prayer and faith. I stumbled and…

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