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21 Ways to Delight in the Lord

David was the expert. He knew how to do it more than anyone we read about in the Bible. …and he lived a life of great blessing because of it. Royal, handsome and a fearless warrior, he never let pride keep him from the overwhelming presence of God that comes to those who DELIGHT in…

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A 3-Step Plan to Live From the Inside Out

You’ve got a situation. Something needs fixing—fast. An illness, a relationship or a financial hardship; or a decision must be made. Your first thought? What does the Internet say…(insert wrong answer buzzer sound here). Answers, breakthrough and victory can only come one way—living with a God-inside consciousness. That means being continually aware that everything you…

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A 3-Step Plan for Total Forgiveness

Someone has done you wrong. Maybe it was a small offence, but boy, does it rub you the wrong way. Or perhaps it was something the world would deem “unforgivable”—an unthinkable betrayal, an assault—something that cannot be repaired, and you don’t think you can ever manage to keep it from coming to mind. It’s true—there…

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What Does It Mean to “Renew My Mind”?

Romans 12:2 instructs us to, “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God” (KJV). “Renewing your mind” is an important part of living a successful Christian life. But if you’re new to the Christian life or new to the…

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15 Scriptures to Help You Overcome Insecurity

You question your own value or worth. You feel inferior or unsafe around others. You can’t admit your faults. You feel threatened by confident people. You are quick to criticise others. These are all symptoms of insecurity or low self-esteem. While such feelings can lead to a feeling of sadness or discouragement, make no mistake:…

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153 Scriptures About Living Holy

God has not only called you to be holy—or separated—to Him, but He has also made it possible. If you’re born again, the blood of Jesus has cleansed you from all unrighteousness. Holiness is a decision you must make to cause your actions to line up with the Word of God. No matter how hard…

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20 Scriptures About Unity

Envying, strife and divisions had reduced the early Corinthian Christians back to the natural, or carnal, state that they were in before they were born again. It had so stunted their spiritual growth that they couldn’t understand the things the Apostle Paul wanted to teach them. Satan has sent the same spirit of division among…

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28 Verses About Thoughts and the Mind

Your thoughts have power. Thoughts in line with the Word of God will protect you—spirit, soul and body. Negative thoughts will cost you dearly in the same areas. It may not seem like it, but when it comes to the thoughts we think—we have a choice. Thoughts can come into your mind from all sides,…

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36 Scriptures About Praising in the Storm

When times are tough, our thoughts are often pulled to the quickest solution or even fears about how things could get worse. Singing songs and shouting praise are not at the forefront of our minds. But if you’re in a storm right now, praising God is EXACTLY what you need to do. That’s why the…

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65 Verses About the Goodness of God

You likely know that God is good—but do you really know how great His goodness is and how much He wants to bestow it upon you? Perhaps, you’ve struggled with believing and receiving the goodness of God in every area of your life. Here is the answer: Renew your mind to the goodness of God….

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3 Reasons to Go on a Media Fast

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube®, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, movies, TV, texting, email, Internet. There are a lot of voices vying for your attention. At first, they’re just part of everyday life—resources we “need” to function. But over time, statistics, criticisms, gossip, bad news, updates and even sin continually flowing through screens clutter the heart and mind. The…

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3 Steps to Successfully Meditate on the Word of God

Suppose Henry Ford walked up, handed you a book, and said, “This book contains every secret I have learnt in the automobile industry, in the manufacturing business and in the stock market. If you read it and meditate on it each day, it is guaranteed to bring you great success.” If you were guaranteed the…

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