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50 First Grades


Picture a 50-year-old man sitting at a tiny desk in a classroom full of first-graders-his eyes on the teacher, eager for the daily lesson.

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Picture this: A first-grade classroom is full of bright-eyed 6-year-olds eagerly awaiting the day’s reading, writing and math lessons. How alarming would it be to look across that room and find a 50-year-old man sitting at a tiny desk waiting to be taught along with the other children?

Many Christians are spiritually still sitting in first grade when they should be teaching others. They are waiting for promotion and increase, not realizing that promotion comes when they have proven to be faithful with what they have already been given.

This back-to-basics message looks at some of the lessons we should have learned as baby Christians, including:

  • Go to the Bathroom by Yourself
  • Color Inside the Lines
  • Play Nice With Others

Learn it, live it, never forget it.

Teaching on Compact Disc

1 Message on 1 CD

By Jeremy Pearsons


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