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How to Receive Communion PDF Package

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God perceives you as His beloved child, just like He did Jesus. He loves you!

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What do you think God thinks about you? If your thoughts make you nervous or timid, you aren’t thinking right! In Kenneth Copeland’s How to Receive Communion Package, you will learn how to receive communion in light of your right standing with God.

God perceives you as His beloved child, just like He did Jesus. He loves you! He celebrates you! He trusts you!

Kenneth Copeland’s revelation of our relationship with God is laid out in the How to Receive Communion Package, which includes:

Your Right Standing with God (minibook PDF) – You will see that you can approach God as your loving heavenly Father without fear or anxiety. You have the same access to your heavenly Father that Jesus has. In His life, death and resurrection, Jesus has put mankind back into a safe and secure relationship with our heavenly Father.

How to Receive Communion (minibook PDF) – Jesus established communion as a representative act of our right standing with God. In understanding communion, we discover the heart of God and the love He has for us. oWe take part in the healing power of communion, and we connect with Jesus and the body of Christ in this act of honoring Him.

When we understand our right standing with God, the practice of communion becomes one of the most important acts in our life as children of God and receiving all Jesus has provided to us!

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