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How to Live in God’s Best

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Activate God’s word in your life and become alive and full of power.

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God has promised you the best. But living in the best doesn’t just happen. You must receive it by faith. In fact, God will allow whatever you will allow. So, you must speak and act on God’s Word in faith if you want His promises to become a reality in your life. It’s simple. But not always easy. Satan will attempt to deceive you into giving up your right to God’s best for you. But you can resist his deception and come out with the manifestation of God’s promises every time.

In this six-message series you’ll learn:

  • Where faith comes from and how you get it
  • How to recognize and resist Satan’s deceptions
  • What happens when you speak in faith, and what happens when you don’t

This dynamic series from Gloria Copeland is the foundational message to living a life of faith. When you understand the importance of God’s Word and use it effectively, you will experience How to Live in God’s Best!

Titles include:

  • Put the Word First Place
  • Become Established in Covenant I
  • Become Established in Covenant II
  • Believe and Receive
  • Put Patience to Work
  • Stand Steadfast

Teaching on Compact Disc

6 Messages on 6 CDs

By Gloria Copeland

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