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It Can Be Done!


Order It Can Be Done! Today, and build your faith in the face of impossibility!

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No matter what kind of impossibility you are facing, you need to know that Jesus has something to say about it! In his CD series, It Can Be Done! Faith in the Face of Impossibility, Jeremy Pearsons lets us know exactly what Jesus can – and will – do!

The big question in every situation is, “Will you believe Jesus, or will you live by the words of so-called experts?” Situations may be difficult. It may look like nothing can be done, but Jesus has a different plan!

In this four-part series, find out from the Word of God what it takes to move your situation out of the realm of the impossible and into the realm of It Can Be Done!

Delve into these four messages from Jeremy Pearsons:

Part 1 – All Things Are Possible
Part 2 – Eyes That See
Part 3 – Faith in the Resurrection
Part 4 – Changed by the Anointing

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