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Receive Your Healing MP3 Package


Discover in the Receive Your Healing MP3 Package all you will need to live the healed life!

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God’s will is for you to be healed! And you can be completely healed, live healed, and help others receive their healing! Discover in the Receive Your Healing MP3 Package all you will need to live the healed life!

As you dig into what God’s Word says about healing, you will discover the problems we face in receiving our healing and the solution to every challenge. Traditions and lies have kept God’s people from walking in the divine health and wholeness He has for them, but those things don’t have to hold you back any longer!

God’s love overrides the traditions of men and the lies of the devil in every circumstance. God’s love heals! You can learn how to receive His love continuously and allow the Love to keep you fit and strong – spirit, soul and body!

The Receive Your Healing MP3 Package includes:

  • Healing School MP3 DISC
  • God’s Will for Your Healing book by Gloria Copeland
  • Healing Confessions book and CD by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland
  • Rx Healing Brochure

These tools will give you all you need to hear and understand what God says about your healing. When you believe the Word and build your faith to know God’s love, it will make all the difference!

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