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The Untouchables Digital Package


Join Gloria and Pastor George to find out how you can walk “untouchable” in God’s circle of protection every day!

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You can live every day of your life totally protected! The Untouchables Package by Gloria Copeland and George Pearsons will open your heart and mind to the reality of the protection you can rely on from God and His Word!

In Psalm 91, we discover the secret place of the Most High. It’s the safe place for us to live. It’s where we find deliverance, preservation and security—all of which are guaranteed because Jesus paid the price. It’s where we can live with confidence in God’s promises to keep us supernaturally protected from the works of the enemy.

Delve into The Untouchables Package, and you will totally renew your mind to the protection you have as a child of the Most High God:

    • The Untouchables – God’s Circle of Protection MP3DISC by Gloria Copeland and George Pearsons (Includes Protection in Perilous Times bonus CD by George Pearsons)
    • The Untouchables Study Notes
    • Totally Protected CD by Gloria Copeland
    • Your Promise of Protection book by Gloria Copeland

In these end times, it is vital for every believer to know how to enter into and stay in this divine protection. Find out how you can walk “untouchable,” confident and free from fear in God’s circle of protection every day.

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