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Partnership Changes Everything

Partnership with KCM isn’t about whether or not you give. It’s saying “Yes! I’m standing with you in faith.” It’s about praying for one another, standing together and changing the world!

“My responsibility where my Partners are concerned is to pray for them. My responsibility is to support them…. I’ve committed my life to seek God and receive revelation from God that I can preach and teach to my Partners.” — Kenneth Copeland

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Partnership is perhaps the greatest success plan ever recorded in the Bible. It is God’s plan to transform lives and help people develop in their own voice of faith, walk in victory and discover their place of ministry.


Partnership with Kenneth Copeland Ministries is not a marketing gimmick for raising funds and it’s not based on a financial commitment. Partnership is simply your agreement to stand with us in faith…as we stand in faith for you and your family.

When you partner with KCM, not only are we joining with you, but you’re joining with us—and with the tens of thousands of other Partners we have worldwide. When you stand with us in prayer, and we stand with you, our anointings, our giftings and our mission become one. And every life that’s touched is a life we reached together. Suddenly, your ministry isn’t restricted to just your neighbourhood or your personal sphere of influence. It’s expanded to the entire world.

By ourselves, we can do some good…but together we’ll truly make a difference!

What you can expect:

A monthly Partner letter written by Kenneth each month. Kenneth made the commitment in 1986 and there is nothing more important to him. He stays before the Lord until he receives a fresh word just for you.

Access to loads of Word based teaching. We have more than 45 years in ministry available for you—and we’re not stingy with it. Whether you read the magazine, visit our website, watch the broadcast, Follow us on Social Media, attend an event or enjoy a specific teaching, you’ll always find exactly what you need!

Daily Prayer Kenneth, Gloria, their family and the entire KCM staff around the world are committed to you. We pray for your prosperity, health and victory each and every day. Without fail.

Twice Sown Seed. 10% of every gift received is sown into other powerful, effective ministries…meaning your gifts go further and reach more people than ever.

No matter what our role or how big a sacrifice or contribution we make, our combined efforts create a powerful unity and resource which God can use to change & touch lives all around the world. We consider partnering with you to build & extend the Kingdom, a great honour!

Just read about what one Partner from thousands has to say:

“Dear Ken & Gloria, I would claim that I am really blessed since becoming a Partner with your Ministry over the last 5 years. I have received monthly encouragement from the BVOV Magazine and the monthly personal letter that have been sent to me by Ken. The scriptures that I received from those letters are food for my spirit and my physical body as well. It also has helped my family life and I have experienced super natural powers from God. He has intervened for my children, for me in my working place as well as for my husband who had stomach ulcers and continuously complaining about how the pain was driving him mad and created a behavioural disorder. But with the help from scriptural texts I receive from the BVOV magazine, I always pray for his healing and declare them over him and I see results. I subscribed him to be friends with the Ministry and he started receiving BVOV Magazine, but then his faith as a Seventh Day Adventist got in the way. But now he continuously reads from my issues and has started to turn his personal life to Jesus and he doesn’t make judgements towards me like he used to do before. I am really grateful for your daily prayers for me as you Partners and friend. Thank you so much and God richly bless you and your family and those who are working at KCM.” — V.U Solomon Islands



  1. We will never ask you for money

    Partnership isn’t a marketing strategy or a veiled attempt to raise funds. It’s a joining of visions and faith to fuel your life for victory. Period.

  2. We are good stewards of any gift

    As gifts come in, we receive them, bless them and use them to share faith with the world. We even sow 10% of every gift received into other ministries. Your gifts go further and reach more people than ever.

  3. We pray for you every day!

    Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and the entire KCM staff around the world are committed to you. We pray for your prosperity, health and victory each and every day. Without fail.

  4. You will hear from Kenneth Copeland first.

    Each month Kenneth personally writes a letter to his Partners, because he wants his Partners to be aware of every victory and revelation God has given him. You’ll always be “in the know”.

  5. You will never run out of Word-based teaching

    We have more than 45 years in ministry available for you – and we’re not stingy with it. Whether you read the magazine, visit our website, or watch the broadcast, you’ll always find exactly what you need.

  6. Your information will never be shared

    We value your trust, and want you to understand that the information we collect from you is protected. KCM will not share, rent or sell any of your information.


Want to read more about how Partnership with KCM is changing lives around the globe? Read our Annual Covenant Partner Report to see what has been happening at KCM.

Covenant Partner Report

“Something BIG and wonderful is happening to you and me, and for us, right now. I tell you, it’s OUR time! The largest gathering of souls into the kingdom of God in the history of mankind is at hand, and you and I are right in the middle of it.”

get done

Believers Academy

Believers Academy is an online learning centre with video courses tailor-made for today’s busy lifestyle. Learn what you want, when you want and take your faith to the next level.


The KCM Community is a safe place to meet and connect with other KCM Partners, just like you. You can join special interest groups and other Christians who share similar interests and goals.

Sow Your Seed

Your generosity enables us to minister the good news of the gospel to the world—from broadcasting the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast to staffing a Christian prayer team.

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