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The Collective

Transformative Obedience

Transformative Obedience

Obedience is transformative because God’s word is transformative! It’s transformative because The WORD is living – it is not a relic that does not have power. The WORD is alive, active, and actionable today. You can do all things, through Christ (The WORD) who strengthens you (Philippines 9:11). So, what about that vision He put…

A sinking Ship

Are You Sinking Your Own Ship?

“Loose lips sink ships,” are you sinking your own ship?This phrase, which originated during World War II, was a direct warning against unguarded conversations by members of the United States military. At the time, the enemy was looking to target vessels coming across the Atlantic with troops or weapons. If they could learn the schedule…

Supernatural Disposition

Your Natural Supernatural Disposition

If your natural disposition is in the supernatural, Brother Bill Winston calls that living Life in 4D; Another dimension where you’re operating from a place of absolute victory over everything! See, God’s will for you is complete shalom – nothing missing; nothing broken! Full restoration! “Giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to…

A Prayer for Partners

A Prayer For Partners from Kenneth Copeland

Our Covenant Partners frequently sow with their heart and their hand. They have given God their “YES,” and actively participate in the kingdom mission of Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Kingdom mission work like: successfully rescuing Jewish Ukrainian refugees to Israel to make Aliyah during a season of war. Our Covenant Partners pray for us, as we…

The Covenant and The Contradiction

The Covenant and The Contradiction

If you’ve ever had questions about why the blood of Jesus was necessary for the forgiveness of your sins, or why redemption was needed in the first place, God, The Covenant, and the Contradiction is a new book written by Kenneth Copeland and Pastor Greg Stephens. Together, they reveal how the holy Bible is a…

Go Boldly As a Child of God

Go Boldly As A Child of God

Step into a world of fearless faith! Discover the power of going boldly as a child of God – trusting like a child, facing giants with unwearying courage, and dreaming audacious dreams. You are part of a chosen generation – for such a time as this. Get ready to embrace childlike boldness on your divine journey.

Soar On Renewed Faith

Soar On To New Heights With Renewed Faith

Isaiah 40:30-31 is a prophetic message for today’s youth in the church. It empowers the body of Christ to wait on The LORD. From renewed strength through trust to soaring on wings of faith, discover how these verses resonate with the visor and potential of youth. Explore scriptural parallels that guide the path to unwavering faith. Read more for a transformative journey.

The Power of Partnership

The Power of Partnership

How do you activate the power of partnership? As a believer, God calls you to carry out the deeds of Jesus, moving beyond an ordinary natural existence. God supplies His supernatural power through individuals whom He has uniquely anointed. Ephesians 4:11, written by Paul, states that God “bestowed some as apostles, some as prophets, some…

Serving the Vision

Serving The Vision

Serving your local church is an integral part of your spiritual journey and growth. It involves embracing a vision that aligns with God’s purposes. Serving with a vision allows you to contribute meaningfully to the growth and impact of your church community. But, what does The WORD say about serving with a vision?

Your Choices and God's Spirit

Three Ways to Judge Your Dreams and Visions

Dreams and visions are two ways God speaks to His children. There are three major ways you can judge if your dreams and visions are from The Lord. In Joel 2:28, God promised, “I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your old men will dream dreams, and…

Your Choices and God’s Spirit

Have you ever wondered how your choices testify for your faith? As a believer your choices are a reflection of God’s direction in your life. When the enemy tries to cause doubt and chaos and you don’t know if you are hearing God’s voice or your own, remember that God will never subject you to a temptation that you cannot triumph over! You already have the victory! God’s Word and your inner witness never contradict each other, but they’re both a vital part of your walk with God.

Your Identity in Christ

What does having an identity in Christ mean? What Jesus did on the cross forever defined your identity as a believer—something many people wrestle with today. Jesus died on our behalf, but Galatians 2:20 shows us that when we made Jesus our Lord, we partook of what He did for us. When He was crucified, spiritually speaking, we were crucified with Him; we died with Him; we were buried and made alive with Him; we were raised up together with Him, and we were seated in heavenly places together with Him.

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