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The Collective

What’s In Store for 2022?

The Lord Is Speaking “In 2022, you’ll know what to do.” That’s how Brother Copeland sums up the word of the Lord he received for the new year. Most of us can remember life without GPS, but none of us has ever been without a map. Knowing where you’re going and how to get there…

Jesus on Every Available Voice

Every Available Voice

We are so excited to share with you this victory! After a long season off air, our prayers have been answered! The Believers Voice of Victory is now on Channel Nine weekdays at 4am and on demand on 9Now. We’re starting 2022 in victory with our mission to get Jesus on every available voice. This…

Find Gods Favour

Access Gods Favour

by Gloria Copeland God’s favour will change your life and you have to know how to access Gods favour. How would your life look if you were surrounded, all day and every day, by God’s favour? How different would things be if doors opened for you, and you walked through each one covered with God’s…

The Cost of Compromise

The Cost of Compromise

Compromise will cost you what the Lord has in store for you. Compromise may not seem like a big deal at the time, but the Bible teaches that its implications are far-reaching. Daniel was a man who lived a no-compromise life, and saw power and blessing released as a result. Brother Copeland says, “The book…

We have gift for you

We Have Gifts For You

Love gives! We love you and we have gifts waiting for you! We’ve gathered a selection of songs, devotions, gifts, crafts and recipes from the Copeland family so you can build your faith and enrich the quality time you spend with your loved ones everyday for 25 days of Christmas. We’re half-way through the Advent…

God's Gift of Salvation

God’s Gift Of Salvation

Of all the gifts we receive, the best ones come from above and there is none greater than God’s gift of salvation! Our heavenly Father has given—and continues to give—us the most wonderful gifts, and salvation is the gift that gives abundantly; This gift was given through Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection. Ephesians 2:8 tells us…

The First Christmas

The First Christmas

Have you ever imagined how heaven celebrated the first Christmas? As believers, we know the birth of Jesus is our deliverance from sin, and the promise of eternal salvation. So, we remember the gift of Jesus’ birth, and by faith receive it, but how did heaven rejoice over the fulfilment of the redemption plan through…

Thanksgiving Is A Lifestyle

True thanksgiving is a lifestyle. Having a heart of thanksgiving brings God on the scene and neutralises the devil. The WORD tells us that if you pray according to God’s will, you know He hears you and you have the petitions you desired of Him (1 John 5:14 – 15). God’s WORD is His will….

Choose To Separate Yourself

by Gloria Copeland Several years ago, the Lord told me: Separate yourself and you’ll be separated. Choosing to follow God separates you from evil. In fact, living on purpose in God is the only safe place to live. The Bible is filled with accounts of supernatural protection for God’s people. It’s no problem for God…

Be Bold As A Lion

In the wild a lion is an apex predator, he is the king of beasts. Lions aren’t the strongest or fastest, but its mighty raw and regal confidence makes him the boldest. A lion never retreats from a threat or an attack; he is fearless and bold! As believers we are required to be bold…

A Covenant Partnership

Advancing God’s Kingdom requires a heart and resource connection; a covenant partnership. Kingdom Partnership is working together — voicing the truth, living the victory, and ministering about the life-changing power of the gospel. It is periodically sowing financial seeds for Kingdoms work because Apostle Paul writes in Ephesians 4:16 “Dependent on Him, the whole body…

The Household of Faith

Brother Copeland delivered a word from the Lord at the 2010 Southwest Believers’ Convention that began this way, The world is in serious trouble. But for the household of faith, everything is going to be all right. In spite of all the “breaking news,” believers in the household of faith are going to be all right….

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