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When our Partners sow into KCM, we sow a portion of that seed into other ministries. And we are witnessing the reaping of great harvests as the Spirit of God works through these ministries. Ministries like Destiny Rescue, where children are being ushered out of the darkness of exploitation into the light of victory, and into the freedom of God’s love and purpose for their lives.

Seek First the Kingdom of God

Seek First the Kingdom of God

How do you put yourself in a position to receive? You must become single minded. And that means first and foremost, you seek God.. You do what Matthew 6:33 says, “Seek first…” because you can’t receive what you don’t believe! That’s why it’s impossible to please God without faith. His pleasure is to prosper His servants (Psalm 35:27). And He can’t get that prosperity to you if you don’t have faith. Faith and receiving are intimately connected. So, when you go after God and make Him your primary pursuit, you’ll begin to receive.

Cultivate Your Miracle

Cultivate Your Miracle

What happens when you’ve been praying for healing and healing seem to come? Don’t be discouraged! Keep cultivating faith in your heart. Cultivate is an agricultural term. Just like a farmer cultivates his fields and rotates the use of them for maximum yields, so we’re to cultivate our faith. We’re to continually grow as a believer so that the seed of God’s Word can grow. Don’t let time discourage your faith!

God's Plan For Your Victory

God’s Plan For Your Victory

God has made arrangements for the good life He has planned for you. He desires to prosper you so that you experience THE BLESSING in all its fullness – nothing broken; nothing missing. “Jesus has already won the victory for you over every circumstance. It is your decision to choose Him and His plans (Deuteronomy 30:19-20)”. Whatever distractions you are experiencing in the natural, they are only there to keep you from living in God’s plan of victory Watch our Covenant Partner, Tarnia Van Wyk’s, testimony of His goodness in her life.

Know Weapon Formed

No Weapon Formed

There are times when a situation looks as if God is behind it. Satan, being the master manipulator, wants you to think that God did it – even to go as far as to proliferate religious ideas that suggest God chastises His own with sickness and disease and poverty. Anything to get man to turn against God; to continue to create enmity between us and Him. But, all God has ever done and all He has ever said has been deliverance, freedom and power for His people.

Great Purpose Begins With Great Faith

Great Purpose Begins With Great Faith

Challenging circumstances can cause us to worry, and if we’re not mindful, worry can quickly spiral into fear; and fear is the enemy’s playground. Our circumstances may distract us from living and operating in the spirit of faith. The phrase “fear not” is repeated 110 times in the bible. This is to remind us to stay in faith because it is only when you are in faith concerning what God says in His Word, that you will see and receive God’s plan and purpose for your life. He requires you to develop great faith; because He has great plans for you!

Seedtime and Harvest

Seedtime and Harvest

As we mature in Christ, the principle of seedtime and harvest is a familiar teaching. Our part in the Great Commission comes more and more into focus, and we experience a growing desire for impactful, Kingdom-stewardship. Ecclesiastes 3 tells us that for every purpose under the sun, there is a season. There is a time…

Define Your Core Values

Define Your Core Values

You won’t find the phrase “core values” in Scripture, but Scripture certainly embodies the concept. When you define your core values they become an internal compass. They guide your decisions and actions, keeps you aligned with God’s will. They provide guidelines, ensuring purpose behind every interaction, decision, and step you take, fostering clarity, integrity, and…

What Do You Value Most?

What Do You Value Most?

Our values are the beliefs through which we process life in our family, our culture, our community and our workplace. They are the lens through which we make decisions, develop our mindsets, and determine our standards. They affect our attitude, our outlook and our spiritual walk. How critical it is then that we ask ourselves, What…

Impact: Abba House

The Impact: Abba House

Imagine stepping into a place of faith where the only thing you’re directed to do is to be available. This kind of faith would mean you are willing and obedient to The LORD’s plans and purposes, whatever they may be. This means pausing an expected path while standing firmly on the faith that His way – His will – is always good for those who love Him (Romans 8:28).

This is exactly what Jenny Papapostolou did and The LORD led her to Abba House.

Fit For The Masters Use

Fit For The Master’s Use

Do you want to do more for The LORD? God has called you to do great work so you must be purposeful in your faith. God is able to perform His promises when you are fully persuaded and willing to stand strong in faith. Develop a strong heart because what God has assigned to you requires a greater supply than you currently possess, and it’s important to trust God to reveal His plan and vision for you.

4 Ways To Hearing God's Voice

4 Ways to Hearing God’s Voice

How do you know when you are hearing God’s voice? When you commit to being available for The Master’s use, hearing God’s voice empowers you to surrender your own carnal desires and plans, and align yourself with God’s vision for your life.

There are four ways to know if you’re hearing God’s voice, and if you’re faithful in all four hearing His voice won’t be an occasional event, but a lifestyle

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