Ways to Watch

Find a way to watch the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast that suits you.

When God spoke to Kenneth about needing to “get the WORD onto every available voice!” it has always been the mission of Kenneth Copeland Ministries to do just that! No matter if you have a smart TV, streaming device, mobile phone, or desktop computer, you can get faith-filled teaching from God’s Word wherever you are, whenever you want, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week!

Free-to-air TV

Ways to Watch - Channel Nine

Start your day in God’s word. Channel 9 airs the BVOV weekdays (Australia Only).

Check here for viewing times in your area.


Ways to Watch - Nine Now

Catch up or watch each day’s broadcast at a time that suits you. You’ll find the last 2 weeks on 9Now. Search “Victory”

kcm.org.au Website

BVOV Broadcast on kcm.org.au. You’ll find current and years worth of archives of the BVOV broadcast.


If you have access to YouTube, you have access to the BVOV broadcast and the Victory Channel.

Streaming Services

Victory Channel

Victory Channel offers 24-hour streaming Word of Faith. Visit www.govictory.com or install the app for Apple or Android.

Apple TV

If you own an Apple TV® (4th generation or later) you can download both the Kenneth Copeland Ministries and Victory Channel apps.

Amazon FireTV Stick

With Amazon FireTV you can also install the Kenneth Copeland Ministries and Victory Channel apps.

Mobile Apps

KCM Australia App

The BVOV Broadcast is just one of the many features on our app, for Apple and Android


BVOV Video Podcasts

BVOV – Video Podcast

BVOV Audio Podcasts

BVOV – Audio Podcast

Other Networks

God TV

On God TV. Follow link for viewing times.


On Foxtel Channel 185. Follow link for viewing times.


On the Daystar channel. Follow link for viewing times.

* viewing times are subject to change without notice.

If you are would like more information on ways to watch the Believer’s Voice of Victory Broadcast please see our FAQs.

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