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A 3-Step Plan to Live From the Inside Out

A 3-Step Plan to Live From the Inside Out

You’ve got a situation. Something needs fixing—fast. An illness, a relationship or a financial hardship; or a decision must be made.

Your first thought? What does the Internet say…(insert wrong answer buzzer sound here).

Answers, breakthrough and victory can only come one way—living with a God-inside consciousness. That means being continually aware that everything you need is already inside you, where the Holy Spirit resides 24/7.

That doesn’t mean He won’t direct you to go to a doctor, use medicine, or take natural steps in your finances and relationships. It means you’ll always have the right answer and one that the world may never even think to offer.

How can you always have the right answer and get your breakthrough fast? Here is a 3-step plan for living from the inside out in any situation.

  1. Seek God’s Counsel to Live From the Inside Out

    The Spirit of God is dwelling on the inside of you (Romans 8:9). That means that’s where you’ll find His counsel, too. Begin by setting aside everything you’ve already been told by doctors, financial advisers, counsellors, friends and family. Become a clean slate.

    Get quiet before the Lord. Sometimes, our prayer time can involve a whole lot of talking on our end, and not much room for Him to speak. Be intentional about quieting your spirit and just receive from Him.

    You may not hear Him speak to you at that exact moment, but He has something to tell you. It may take some time to quiet your own thoughts enough to hear what He has to say.

  2. Pray in the Spirit to Live From the Inside Out

    In the meantime, pray in the spirit. That’s one of the most effective ways to get yourself out of the way, refresh yourself in the Lord, and prepare your heart to hear from Him.

    There’s no set amount of time that will bring the answer, but devote as much time as you can to this. When he needs and answer to something pressing, Kenneth Copeland makes it a practice to set aside three days to pray and seek the Lord about nothing but that one issue. He says he always receives his answer in that time.

    We know we don’t receive what we ask when we don’t pray with the right motive (James 4:3)and praying in the spirit ensures we pray right on target.

  3. Listen to the Inward Witness to Live From the Inside Out

    Remember, everything you need is inside you. That’s where the Holy Spirit will speak to you. But, here’s the key: When you listen to the inward witness, you also need to obey what He tells you. Sometimes He’ll tell you to do things that don’t make sense to the natural mind or that oppose “logic,” but you can be sure—He is always right.

    If He tells you to see a certain doctor—do it, and don’t delay. If He tells you to ask someone for advice, do so immediately. If He tells you to change jobs, don’t think about all the reasons why you can’t—just do it!

    Even more importantly, if He corrects you (and if you’re looking for a breakthrough, you will receive correction), make the change. Stop the habit, change the thoughts, alter the words, forgive the person He tells you to forgive.

    Once you do what He tells you to do, you’re going to see what you’re looking for. Those desires you’ve had all these years? They’ll manifest quickly. If they don’t, repeat steps one through three until they do.

This is the way to live from the inside out and live the life you’ve been dreaming of. Stop looking to the world for the answers. Everything you need is already inside you!

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