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A Checklist for Discipling Another Believer

Discipleship is God’s method of growing His Church and growing leaders. It is believers modelling and teaching God’s Word and His precepts to other believers, to help them grow and strengthen in their walk of faith. Every believer needs to be discipled, and every believer needs to disciple others. When we do, nothing will be…

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5 Ways To Uncancel Yourself

Cancel culture is out of control – so much so, it has even started devouring itself. When a society is looking for reasons to shame or ruin people, we are no longer living in America as it was intended at its founding. So how do we respond as Christians? Well, we’ve had some practice here…

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7 Times You Should Speak Up

There is a time to speak up (Ecclesiastes 3:7). There is wisdom in knowing when to be silent and when to speak up. Even the U.S. Constitution protects each one of these in the Fifth and First Amendments, respectively. In a world that is ever ready to speak its mind, being quiet often takes more…

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A Prayer To Find Your Wealthy Place

Each of us is called to a wealthy place. It’s a place where we enjoy the prosperity God has in store for us financially, emotionally, physically and in every other way. It’s a place God has set aside for us to both enjoy and sow from. While we are all called to abundance, God has…

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16 Scriptures About Praying in Tongues

If praying in tongues hasn’t been a regular part of your fellowship with God, you’re missing out! There is so much power found in praying in tongues, not to mention answers to any question you have, access to inside information, and a spiritual strengthening like no other. If you’re still learning about the power of…

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4 Common Ways Christians Compromise With the World

Satan is subtle. He knows most Christians won’t jump right in and compromise for the sake of it. They have to be convinced that it’s no big deal or that certain biblical standards are “outdated” or no longer relevant. Why do followers of Christ sometimes follow the world instead? Here are 4 Common Ways Christians…

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7 Confessions To Take Back What the Devil Has Stolen

When David’s enemies stole his family and then burned his home city, and everything in it, to the ground, he wept until he couldn’t weep anymore. Then, he had a choice – he could either accept the loss, feel like a victim, and fall into self-pity, or he could encourage himself in the Lord, gather…

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KCM’s Top 10 Healing Resources

If you’re looking to build your faith for healing, you’ve come to the right place! Jesus is the Healer. Healing is for today, and healing is for YOU. But just knowing that isn’t enough. Faith is an interactive process. Jesus is offering healing, but you’ve got to build your faith to receive. To get you…

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A Confession To Live Above Only and Not Beneath

It’s not just a memory verse to quote at church. You can do what Deuteronomy 28 says and live life always at the top, and never at the bottom – as the head and not the tail. Living above only and not beneath is a lifestyle YOU are meant to live – every day, in…

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25 Scriptures That Promise You Protection

No matter what comes your way, you don’t have to wonder if God will be there for you. He loves you more than you could ever possibly know, and His desire is for you to be happy, healthy and protected – every day in every way. But don’t take our word for it – take…

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Responses to 3 Bible Betrayals

If you’ve faced a betrayal by a friend, family member, spouse or employer, you’ve likely gone through the full gamut of emotions. And if you’re a follower of Christ, you deeply desire to handle the situation in a way that is pleasing to Him. You can. AND…you can come out with a great promotion on…

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A Prayer To Receive a Rhema Word From God

Hearing from God is what we are called to live and breathe for, and what most of us desire more than anything. The Greek word logos is the written Word of God. We learn, grow and are instructed through reading His Word. But maybe you’ve experienced this – a situation arises, and you know you…

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