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A Christmas of Faith and Love

It’s Christmastime again, and you’re looking for ways to celebrate the real meaning of the season. With an onslaught of marketing emails hitting your inbox, a surplus of commercials invading your television set and a whirlwind of activities filling your calendar, it can be hard to keep your celebration fixed on Jesus’ birth. But with a little determination, you can let faith and love guide your season.

  1. Stir up Your Faith this Christmas

    As you remember God’s faithfulness to you, you are better able to stand in faith for others. So continue build yourself up by reading the Word (Romans 10:17) and listening to ministers you trust. Get excited about the good things God has done for you so that you are ready to pass His love on to others.

  2. Expect God to Use You this Christmas

    Prepare to be a vessel for God this season. Remain steadfast in prayer and available to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Keep your schedule free enough so that you are available to hear His voice.

  3. Let “Love Your Neighbour” Take on New Meaning

    Take time to notice the people around you—members of your family, families in your church and the needy in your city. Ask God to reveal needs around you so that you can be a conduit of His love to the world (Luke 6:31).

This Christmas can be more—more Word, more faith, more love. Instead of “busy-ness,” you can experience a season of faith and love as an ambassador of Jesus to the world. Merry Christmas!

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