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Angels on Assignment


There are angels assigned to every believer….

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There are angels assigned to every believer…including you!

Jesus declared in Matthew 18:10 that our angels are always before the face of the Father. In these timeless teachings from Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, you will get a clear picture of the angels the Lord has set in place in your life—of their purpose and of His plan for you to depend on them.

Angels are ministering spirits that have been sent to preserve and deliver you (Hebrews 1:14). Your angels are relentless in protecting you in every area of your life covered by the salvation Jesus bought for you…that’s every area!

Let these two classic messages help you get to know more about the angels of the Lord like never before…and receive the protection they were created by God to provide today!

Teaching on Compact Disc

2 Messages on 2 CDs

By Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

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