Developing Fully Persuaded Faith


Abraham was fully persuaded that God was able to do what He promised and that He would, in fact, do it!

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A Faith That Won’t Let Go

Does it look like you’re about to hit the wall financially…sickness is trying to knock you flat on your back…or circumstances are working to bring your loved ones down? Does it seem pressure is trying to squeeze the life out of you and fear in your heart is stopping you in your tracks?

You need faith like Abraham, who at 100 years old refused to consider his own body or waver at God’s promises, “but was strong in faith…and fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able to perform.”

In Developing Fully Persuaded faith, pastors George and Terri Pearsons combine annointings to show you how to establish a faith stance that isn’t moved by outside reasoning. It’s only moved by the Word.

Taking you down the path that leads to unshakeable, resolute faith, George and Terri explore the difference between pretend faith and fully persuaded faith, how to protect seeds of faith, and press in with your faith until circumstances yield to the promise of God.

On that path, you will become a person whose words are controlled and whose actions are moved by Fully Persuaded Faith.

Teaching 6 Messages

By George and Terri Pearsons

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