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Don’t Stress Out – Trust God!


Don’t cope with stress, get rid of it! You know it’s true: Stress can come at you from every direction, work, home, friends, relatives, finances.

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By choosing to take care of yourself, you’ve put all your trust in yourself…and all the credentials you think qualify you to do the job!

God never intended you to carry such a load. He doesn’t want you to live under the stress of daily pressures and problems. He doesn’t want you to trust in only what you can accomplish—basing your trust on a wide range of skills, a keen sense for business, or your credit rating. He wants you to transfer your trust!

Don’t waste your time taking care of yourself…and worrying about everything! There is a way to live free from the stress and cares of life. There is a way to transfer your trust…and go further than you could ever take yourself!

Teaching on Compact Disc

4 Messages on 4 CDs

By Kenneth Copeland

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