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Faith and Patience


Faith and Patience – they're invaluable forces for the Spirit-filled believer.

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Faith and Patience—they’re invaluable forces for the Spirit-filled believer. The good news is God has already placed them inside you so that—no matter what trouble you face—you always come out a winner! Now, it’s up to you to put these forces to work. In this powerful series by Kenneth Copeland, you’ll discover:

  • How to exercise the forces of faith and patience inside you
  • How these powerful forces work together to bring results
  • The truth about trials and tribulations—and how to successfully overcome them with the Word

Troubles don’t have to knock you down for the count—with Faith and Patience fighting for you, victory is imminent!

Teaching on Compact Disc

6 Messages on 10 CDs

By Kenneth Copeland

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