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Faith – How it Works


In this fundamental “down to earth” series, Kenneth Copeland answers thought provoking questions as.

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“In Faith: How It Works, I dig deep into God’s Word to uncover the answers to key questions like, ‘What is faith? Who possesses it? Who has the right to use faith, and how do we release it?’ My prayer is that you would fully know how faith works so that you can live in abundance!” —Kenneth Copeland

The Bible promises that we can live a life of victory through faith! You can use the weapons of faith to conquer temptation, sickness, financial need and negative emotions, to live a God-pleasing life full of love and hope. This series can help you grasp God’s faith formula as Kenneth Copeland uses God’s Word to reveal:

  • What faith is and where it comes from
  • You possess world-overcoming faith
  • Weapons of the enemy are no match for faith released
  • You have the right to develop faith and live in victory

Faith comes by hearing the Word of God, and speaking the Word releases faith. Take the first steps toward success by receiving this powerful teaching in your heart today.

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By Kenneth Copeland

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