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Family Promises


Inside, you’ll find scriptures you can stand on for many things you face.

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Few would deny the intense attack on today’s families. Rather than having the close-knit relations they dream of, little by little, people from all walks of life are seeing their families torn apart. But God’s Word offers hope and solutions.

That’s why Kenneth and Gloria Copeland have created Family Promises—a collection of scriptures and nuggets of truth especially for families. Inside, you’ll find scripture you can stand on for singleness, marriage, children, your in-laws, brothers and sisters in Christ and more.

Great for accompanying your Bible study, prayer time or even for personal reference, when you get the truth of God’s Word concerning your family fixed and established in your heart, nothing will be able to tear it apart.

“Read Family Promises over and over. Meditate on God’s promises for your family. Confess them aloud daily. Stand on them in faith and act on them. Then when the devil comes around to try to destroy your marriage or steal your children, you can resist him with the Word—‘As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord’” (Joshua 24:15). —Kenneth and Gloria Copeland


By Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

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