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From Fullness to Overflow


Often, we spend our time waiting for God to do something.

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Often, we spend our time waiting for God to do something. At the same time, God’s patiently waiting for us to become totally committed so He can do what He has wanted to do all along—fill us to overflowing!

But there are prerequisites—commands sent straight from heaven. As a Christian, you are responsible to love others as God has loved you, love your neighbor as yourself, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

In this challenging and encouraging message from Kenneth Copeland, you’ll learn you have the ability to love like Jesus. In addition, Brother Copeland explains that the amount of fullness and overflow you experience depends on how much you develop the power of that love in you.

Discover the key to strengthening and expanding your spirit to become rooted and grounded in love. Experience the joy of being totally committed to love. Then, get ready for fullness and overflow as you’ve never known it before!

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By Kenneth Copeland

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