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God’s Success Formula


With this minibook you’ll learn to attain true success both in the workplace and in relationships.

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“Real supernatural success is no picnic for anyone. It takes courage. It takes faith. And it doesn’t have anything at all to do with natural ability.” —Gloria Copeland

Do you feel like you’ve tried and failed every success formula in the book? Well, then you haven’t tried the formula in God’s Book! It doesn’t demand you have “what it takes,” because it’s not based on your abilities––it’s based on His abilities.

You’ll learn:

  • Three powerful steps to supernatural success
  • One of the greatest enemies of success
  • What tactics the devil uses to keep you from success…and what you can do to stop him

If you’ve been chasing success and failing, catch the truths in this book. Before long you won’t be chasing success…it’ll be chasing you!

By Gloria Copeland

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