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Limitless Love


The undergirding characteristic of happiness, health and success is faith.



Focusing your mind on the love of God—daily—changes everything!

God designed us to live by love. And when we do, we become surrounded by everything love provides…health, happiness, and the best things life has to offer.

Walking in love surrounds us by God’s goodness. It causes us to live in our dreams. A life of love is what causes you to fulfill your destiny in Him, using the unique abilities and vision God has given you. You’ll be fully equipped for doing all He has planned for you to do!

Discover the depth of God’s love for you, and live in it daily. Let Kenneth and Gloria Copeland guide you to living the life of love God intends in this 365-day, paperback edition devotional. Learn to choose love’s way every time, fuel your faith daily, and discover the secrets of God’s love for you and through you. It will make all the difference!


By Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

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