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A Look at the Book of Revelation Part 3


A deeper exploration into the glorious book of Revelation!

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A deeper exploration into the glorious book of Revelation!

The days in which we live are the final days before Jesus returns to earth, bringing His glorious Church with Him to rule and reign forever!

Now you can take a deeper exploration into the book of Revelation—the book that unfolds the story and reveals the treasure of what God has in His plan for the end of times…the story in which you play a vital role!Gloria Copeland and Billye Brim continue their journey, looking at Revelation 9-12, and revealing the supernatural victory to come in “The Tribulation Unveiled.” Then, they discuss how all Bible prophecy will be fulfilled and past and future events are tied together as they share “The Fulfillment of End-Time Prophecy.” Join them as they continue looking into the future, giving a detailed account of the bright future God has for His people!

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By Billye Brim and Gloria Copeland

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