Overcoming Stress, Anxiety & Depression – Your 10-Day Spiritual Action Plan (Lifeline Kit)


Peace of mind. Security. Confidence. Love. Sound like just a dream?

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Peace of mind. Security. Confidence. Love. Sound like just a dream? No matter what your circumstances, you can experience a life filled with these and more when you get a deeper revelation of God’s goodness. Worry, fear, dread or hopelessness can give way to faith and peace when you understand the vastness of God’s love for you and the provision already available to you.

Stress, anxiety and/or depression can rush in like a flood because of a specific situation – or because it’s a lifelong habit. No matter what the reason, you CAN be free and enjoy a life filled with God’s peace!

Kenneth and Gloria Copeland reveal how you can be delivered from destructive mindsets and enjoy true peace in your spirit, soul. body, mind, will and emotions. This easy-to-use LifeLine Kit includes uncompromised, detailed teaching about overcoming stress, anxiety and/or depression, with practical application segments on subjects ranging from sleep patterns to food choices. It also includes a CD filled with scriptures to stand on every day, read by Kenneth Copeland; worship music to keep your focus on exercising faith for your freedom; and DVD teaching targeted to keep you on track with the Word. Finally, the daily “Faith in Action” cards give you a connection point with the materials, even when you’re away from home.

Follow this simple and practical 10-Day Spiritual Action Plan to discover a whole new world of God’s peace and freedom. Experience His plan for a life of peace, joy and rest.

Paperback Book, CD, DVD

By Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

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