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Overflowing Harvest


Often, we spend our time waiting for God to do something.

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Everything you do in life is a seed. There are spiritual, mental, physical and financial seeds you sow with your mouth, your actions and your money. That’s why it’s so important to be aware of the words you speak, your thoughts and the way you respond to every situation. It’s critically important to be harvesting good things and not bad.

Everything in life is governed by spiritual law, and the root of all spiritual law is seedtime and harvest. In this series of teachings, Kenneth Copeland helps you understand that it’s your choice whether you experience joy or sorrow. You’ll also learn:

  • To live by faith and not by luck
  • To experience more overflow than you can handle
  • Without love, faith doesn’t work
  • The Word of God is the Master Seed

Satan is fighting hard to keep God’s people from walking in overflow. But he’s losing his grip. Faith works through love—the love God has given you. Start now to develop your faith in love, and begin to experience the overflowing harvest of God’s abundance.

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By Kenneth Copeland

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