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Powerful Prayers of Agreement


Believers agreeing together are a powerful, unstoppable force!

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Agreement is a powerful thing.

The word “agree” can also be translated “to harmonize or to make a symphony.” A symphony is composed of many instruments which, when played together, seem to be a single voice. The sound is tremendously powerful.

The same thing is true in prayer. Believers agreeing together are a powerful, unstoppable force. In this CD, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland join in agreement with God’s Word for you concerning:

  • Partnership
  • Salvation
  • Protection and Fear
  • Healing
  • God’s Master Plan
  • Finances
  • Prosperity

The prayer of agreement is one of the most powerful tools God has given us. It is a prayer that Jesus Himself in Matthew 18:19 guaranteed would bring results every time.

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By Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

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