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Prayer Series 8 Prayer that brings Results


It’s a simple fact-prayer brings results!

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Word + Faith + Prayer = Results!

It’s a simple fact—prayer brings results! If you expect your prayers to have results, then you have to put something into your praying. And that something begins with knowing the Word and spending time studying the Word—daily!

Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. When you spend time studying the Word, it becomes a part of you. Its promises become your promises. When the storms of life try to enter your house, you have a foundation of faith that will turn them back.

In this powerful teaching, Kenneth Copeland explains how to get “prayed up” and stay that way. He shares practical, everyday principles you can use to strengthen your faith walk and develop your prayer life.

Don’t wait for something to happen to begin building your faith. Start now by getting into the Word and developing your prayer life. Then begin praying with faith and confidence, knowing that your prayers can and will bring the desired results.

Kick doubt and unbelief out of your life and begin building your house of faith today!

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