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Prayer Series 9 Connecting with God


Who are you? If this question were asked of you, how would you respond?

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Who are you?

As a Christian, there is never any reason to be unsure of your true identity. You belong to God. You are His child, and a joint heir with Jesus Christ to all that your heavenly Father has provided.

In this revealing series, Kenneth Copeland explains how vitally important prayer is in discovering your identity with Christ Jesus. He also helps you understand how prayer connects you to God, and to know how seriously God views His relationship with you.

Once you have full knowledge of who you are in Christ Jesus, your prayer life will become more exciting and meaningful. Not only will you understand your right to boldly approach your heavenly Father, but you’ll pray with a confidence that He wants you to hear from Him.

You are His child. Identify with Him now. It’s your right, and it’s your privilege!

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