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Relationship Tune-Up


How is your love tank? Is it full, or are you running on fumes?

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How is your love tank? Is it full, or are you running on fumes? Does your home feel like Coolsville, or is going home really a drag? If you are not digging your marriage, it’s time for a relationship tune up. The most essential emotional need of every dude, chick and kiddo is the need for love and affection. In fact, the need to feel loved is at the heart of all marital desires. But, how do you show love to your family?

There’s one daddy-o who knows—Pastor George Pearsons. He’s been happily married to the same great gal for more than 30 years, and he’s discovered the secrets to creating a heavenly home. In this series, you, too, can get on the stick. Pastor George shares seven vital ingredients necessary for a healthy marriage and family. You’ll also learn:

  • How to reach new heights in your family relationships
  • How to enjoy one another
  • How to really listen to your spouse
  • And more!

Your home can be a haven—a safe harbor of peace—a really rad pad! You just have to get with it and get in the Word. Begin the journey toward a relationship with your family that is really the most! It’s time for a relationship tune up from the Master mechanic.

Teaching on Compact Disc

8 Messages on 8 CDs

By George Pearsons

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