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Every woman in the Body of Christ is called to spiritual motherhood.

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“Every woman in the Body of Christ is called to spiritual motherhood.”

The Lord declared this statement to Pastor George Pearsons as he was preparing for a Mother’s Day service. It highlights a passion God is placing in the hearts of women everywhere.

Spiritual motherhood, the Lord continued, is not dependent upon women having natural children. All Christian women are called to become “mothers in the faith.”

In this informative and inspiring message, Pastor George offers examples of modern-day spiritual mothers and shares the profound effect they have had on their spiritual children. He scripturally reveals the vital role of women in the early Church—and just how important it is for women today to walk in their anointing as mothers in the faith.

Women of God, take up the calling of spiritual motherhood today. Your spiritual children are waiting for your direction, guidance and love.

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By George Pearsons

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