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Your Wealthy Place in God


“Before the foundation of the world, God made man wealthy beyond his wildest imagination.”

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Imagine a place…

  • Where family relationships are not undermined by old hurts, confusion and rage
  • Where you receive answers for home and the workplace before your day begins
  • Where you can draw immediately on God’s wisdom for any and every need

Well, that place is real. And you can enter it now! It’s the place Psalm 66:12 calls your “wealthy place” in God. It’s a place God designed just for you—before sin, before sickness, before debt and lack ever came into this world. Before the foundation of the world, God created this place of wealth in every area of life—just for you. He created the plan so you can live in the vast resources of that place, drawing daily on the abundance of His provision.

The path to this place, where there is nothing missing and nothing broken, has been purposefully hidden from the enemy—but not from you. The powerful truths in this series by Kenneth Copeland will help you:

  • Discover that the path to this wealthy place in God is not a mystery beyond your reach
  • See yourself as you really are in God’s eyes
  • Freely receive powerful direction and answers for health, finances and relationships

God has had a plan all laid out just for you. And He’s just waiting for you to live it!

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By Kenneth Copeland

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