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Ready to dig deeper in your relationship with the Lord? Take the tools you need to live a happier, healthier, more successful life. If you need someone to pray with you, or even just share a word of encouragement, faith and wisdom, we’re here for you! We have full-time ministers on staff available for you to call. Click here to find an office near you.

VIDEO: What Is Salvation?

Many new Christians don’t realise that salvation is not just a way to escape an eternity in hell. That’s a BIG benefit, but there’s more to your salvation than fire insurance! Included in your salvation is deliverance, preservation, healing, health and soundness. In this video Riley Stephenson explains what salvation truly means as a believer…

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VIDEO: What’s Next?

In this powerful video, Riley shares his personal story of making Jesus the Lord of his life, and how he struggled with what to do next. Reflecting upon his own experience as a new Christian, he shares the immediate next steps you need to take to cultivate a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. If you…

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VIDEO: Prayer of Salvation

In this video Riley shares the simple gospel message along with a prayer to receive Jesus. Everyone who calls on the Name of the Lord will be saved! Watch this video to pray this prayer with Riley. If you’ve received Jesus for the first time, we’d love to send you a FREE gift. Click here…

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VIDEO: What About the Holy Spirit?

As Riley visits an old work location, he shares how the Baptism in the Holy Spirit changed his life forever. However, it wasn’t easy for him at first; he had to get out of his own way! When he finally received the Holy Spirit, he was transformed from a closet Christian into a bold messenger…

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VIDEO: What Is Water Baptism?

In this video, Riley shares his personal experience with water baptism and why he was confused about its significance and meaning. He grew up in several churches, and received baptism according to their traditions without understanding the purpose. Discover what the Bible says about water baptism and why it’s a symbol of your salvation!  …

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VIDEO: How to Study Your Bible

In this video, Riley shares about the process he went through when he first started to study the Bible. At first, he was confused about where to start and overwhelmed with the different translations and books of the Bible. As he continued to study, it got easier because his mind was being renewed by the…

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VIDEO: How to Witness to Your Family

Your family is important to you, and it’s important to God. In this video, Riley shares a story about Uncle Jimmy and his poor behaviour and attitude toward the gospel at family celebrations. We all have relatives who do not know the Lord. The devil’s No. 1 priority is to convince you that your relative…

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VIDEO: How to Overcome Addictions

Are you struggling with an addiction? As long as you stare at the problems in your life that keep you bound, they will always own you. When Jesus died for us on the cross, He gave us back our authority over our senses. The second you become a Christian, you no longer have to be…

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VIDEO: Renewing Your Mind

Have you ever wondered why it seems so hard to truly have faith for what the Bible has promised you? Why is it so difficult to stop old habits and to know God’s will for your life? It has to do with getting in the Word of God, and renewing your mind! In this video,…

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How to Pray

God desires a deep relationship with you. Just like any relationship, the intimacy is based upon communication. Prayer is your communication channel with God, and it is key to an intimate relationship with Him. No matter where you are, or what time of day, it is your privilege to talk with your Father, God. In…

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VIDEO: Your New Identity

When you become a Christian, your entire identity changes! You’re no longer alone…you’re a son of the King! You don’t have to pray and beg for your needs to be met. You’ve been given the status of God’s child. As a son or daughter of God, you’ve been given every spiritual blessing, but you have…

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VIDEO: Start Here

Have you accepted Jesus as the Lord of your life and are now asking yourself the question, “What’s next?” In this video, you’ll meet Riley Stephenson, minister of evangelism at Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Riley will walk you step by step in the most effective ways to grow your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.   Next…

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