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A Prayer to Stand Out in the World

A Prayer to Stand Out in the World

The pressure is there.

And every Christian feels it now and again.

Believers in the spotlight have faced the struggle—some successfully, some not.

The feeling of wanting and needing to fit in with people is real. But, as Christians, we are called to be in the world—not of it. So, how can we battle the desire for belonging with the call to be set apart?

Your desire to be joined with God over the world can be developed! It takes daily time with the Lord and a commitment to who He is and what He values. As you set out to be joined to what He says is right, here is a prayer to stand out in the world you can pray in faith.

Father, in the Name of Jesus, I thank You for the standard of Your Word—that it is right, fair, just and for my good. I thank You that You—and Your standards—are the same yesterday, today and forever. You are a never-changing God.

Lord, You know the world is constantly at odds with what You say is right and true. The pressures on us, as Christians, to conform is often great. Thank You, God, that You give me strength for the battle. Your Word says I can expect to be persecuted for the Word’s sake, but I can always expect victory when I stay true to Your ways.

I pray that I will never turn to the right or to the left—that I will have the wisdom to walk with wise people and the courage to discontinue relationships with those who pull me off the straight and narrow path You have called me to walk.

Help me stand for what is right—according to Your Word—and against what is wrong, no matter the cost.

Give me the courage to be a God pleaser, not a man pleaser, and to overcome the temptation to give in to the world’s way of thinking, doing and being. Give me the strength to stand out in the crowd even at the risk of rejection. Jesus, You faced the ultimate rejection, and I know, with Your help, I can face any persecution and come out victorious.

May I always be pleasing to You.

In Jesus’ Name. Amen

When you pray this prayer to stand out in the world, you will cultivate a desire to stand on the side of God no matter what repercussions you might face in the here and now. When you stand in courage for what is right, you will see a great reward, not only in heaven, but in this life!

Scriptures: Isaiah 5:20; Proverbs 4:27; Matthew 24:9; Galatians 1:10; 1 Thessalonians 2:4; Hebrews 13:8

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