Superkid Novel #11 The Knight-Time Rescue of Commander Kellie


Value: The Power of the Word of God!

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Commander Kellie has been captured and it’s Paul’s fault. Now it’s up to him, Rapper and Alex to rescue her no matter what it takes. But Commander Kellie isn’t just a prisoner. She’s been jailed in a completely holographic environment—with knights, horses, castles and…a dragon.

The Superkids know dragons aren’t real, but someone has programmed a very convincing one to protect their new prize! Will Paul, Rapper and Alex be able to find Commander Kellie? Will they be able to rescue her in time? And how will they ever defeat a fire-breathing dragon?

Recommended for ages 10-14

Value: The Power of the Word of God

Paperback Book

By Christopher P. N. Maselli

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