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2.Speak: Faith comes by hearing.

Keep your words in line with God’s words by speaking God’s promises each and every day. As you listen to God’s Word coming out of your own mouth, your faith will get a great boost!

No Fear Here! 4 Declarations To Walk Gloriously Free from Fear

You can walk fear free and faith full by taking authority over fear. It doesn’t take long. All you have to do is start speaking one of the declarations below when you wake, or as you head to work. If you make these four declarations a part of your daily routine, you will walk gloriously…

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Be Bold with Your Mouth!

5 Confessions To Grab Hold of God’s Blessings Right Now Are you overflowing with God’s goodness in every area of your life? If not, this is the time to get bold with your faith and take hold of God’s promises. After all, God wants you to enjoy His generous abundance in every area of your…

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25 Things To Say When You Need To Be Encouraged

If you think you’re having a difficult time right now, David is one who would understand. He and his men had been away at battle when they returned home to Ziklag, only to find that their enemies, the Amalekites, had taken everything. Their wives, children and everyone else from their camp had been abducted. Oh,…

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7 Scripture-Backed Confessions To Speak Over Your Seed

If you were going to plant a garden in your backyard, would you walk outside, throw some seed around, then go back inside and wait for the crops to sprout? Probably not. Well, you can’t do that with spiritual seed, either. Just as you would in the natural, you prepare the soil, plant intentionally, water,…

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7 Confessions To Speak When You Want To Quit

Feeling out of energy or tired after a long fight of faith is nothing new. Maybe you’re there now. You don’t doubt where the source of your life and victory is, yet you find yourself empty. But one thing you must NEVER do is quit. No matter how long this has been going on –…

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10 Power-Packed Declarations for Restoration

No matter what has been stolen or how long it has been, God is a God of restoration! Defeat is not in His vocabulary, and it shouldn’t be in yours either. Yes, we face challenges and setbacks, but He has promised that when we put our faith in Him, we will always come out on…

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A Confession To Live Above Only and Not Beneath

It’s not just a memory verse to quote at church. You can do what Deuteronomy 28 says and live life always at the top, and never at the bottom – as the head and not the tail. Living above only and not beneath is a lifestyle YOU are meant to live – every day, in…

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7 Confessions To Take Back What the Devil Has Stolen

When David’s enemies stole his family and then burned his home city, and everything in it, to the ground, he wept until he couldn’t weep anymore. Then, he had a choice – he could either accept the loss, feel like a victim, and fall into self-pity, or he could encourage himself in the Lord, gather…

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10 Giant-Killing Declarations

When you’re faced with a giant in your life – sickness, disease, financial challenges, job trouble, relationship problems or anything else keeping you from living your best life – it can be easy to focus on the adversity rather than seeing it as an opportunity. One thing David knew that we must learn also –…

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Powerhouse Confessions About Finances During Tough Times

There aren’t many things that can cause more stress and anxiety than financial pressure. It can be an all-consuming worry during the day and keep you up all night. Whatever your situation today—whether it’s mounting debt, the loss of a job or unexpected expenses—God wants to deliver you and restore the years that the locusts…

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Confessions for Reaping a Harvest

If you’re believing for a harvest in your life—whether it be healing, finances, family or all three—once you’ve planted seed, your job isn’t over! God has given us a process of seed, time and harvest. During the time between planting and harvesting, it’s important not to neglect that seed. The word from the Lord through…

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A Personalised Declaration of Psalm 91

Nothing the devil dishes out goes unanswered by the Word of God. Scripture is powerful. But it becomes even more so when we speak it out. Don’t wait until you’re faced with trouble to declare protection over your life. Use this personalised declaration of Psalm 91 to unleash the power of God’s protection in your…

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