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2.Speak: Faith comes by hearing.

Keep your words in line with God’s words by speaking God’s promises each and every day. As you listen to God’s Word coming out of your own mouth, your faith will get a great boost!

Say This, Not That

You can change your circumstances by saying this, not that! Learn to choose and speak the right words and change your future! You probably remember the story. Caleb had just returned from spying out the Promised Land. All the spies who had gone there with him, except for Joshua, had come back with “an evil…

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Declarations of Faith for Finances, Healing and Relationships

Start building your faith today by speaking these declarations of faith for your finances, healing and relationships. Do you need to receive something from the Lord today? Healing, provision, reconciliation? While seeking God first paves the path to receiving the promises (Matthew 6:33), we need fully persuaded faith that declares with our mouths that we…

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A Daily Confession for Your Life

Speaking a daily confession over your life will have powerful results! Here, you can find the personal daily confession of Pastors George and Terri Pearsons. The Personal Daily Confession of PASTORS GEORGE AND TERRI PEARSONS (ABRIDGED VERSION) There is power in speaking the Word of God aloud over your life on a daily basis. When…

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A Confession of Faith in the Name of Jesus

In Jesus’ Name. It’s more than a phrase we tack on to the end of our prayers. All that God is and does is represented in the Name of Jesus. John 14:13 (AMPC), says when you ask in His Name, you present your requests to the Father on the basis of all that Jesus is….

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A Confession of Determination

If you’re ready to develop the kind of bulldog faith that bites down on the Word of God and won’t let go—you need determination! There is power in speaking the Word of God aloud over your life and confessing that you are determined in your pursuit of THE BLESSING of God. When you speak a…

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12 Scriptures to Defeat Fear

Fear has no place in the lives of believers. Sure, it tries to sneak in at every turn—your health, your family, your safety and possessions, but it doesn’t belong. Satan knows it, but he’ll always try to get you to take the bait. He’ll use things like bad reports, discourageing thoughts, a negative word from…

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Faith Confessions

Faith is powerful, and so are the words you speak. Use the force of faith, combined with the power of your words to speak to your situation and trust God to move on your behalf. I do as Jesus did, and I speak to the mountains of _________ in my life. I command ___________ to…

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My Faith Works! Confession

I hear, study, believe and confess God’s Word, and my faith continues to grow. I abide in God and His Word abides in me, so I ask what I need according to His Word, and I believe I receive it by faith. Jesus is Lord over my situation, and I do not fear or worry…

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Move Those Mountains in Your Life!

I do as Jesus did, and I speak to the mountains of _________ in my life. I command ___________ to be removed from my (life, body, relationship, job) and cast it into the sea and away from me! I believe I receive it removed by faith. I have no doubt in my mind that I…

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Your Faith Can Make Things Happen

I’m not moved by what I see, feel or experience. I have the God kind of faith. God’s Word is in my heart and in my mouth. I have spoken my faith and I believe I receive ________. Though I haven’t yet seen the physical results, I know I have them and am unmoved by…

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