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Build a firm foundation on God’s Word concerning your finances by enjoying this content from Kenneth and Gloria Copeland about your prosperity—spirit, soul and body.

How To Honour the Grace of God This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time meant to be full of joy and fun. It’s when we gather with friends and family, celebrate what God has given us (Thanksgiving), and rejoice because of who He’s given us (Christmas). But let’s be honest: Sometimes, the family and friends we hope to have fun with are challenging….

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How To Apply for Your Heavenly Grant Now

Nonprofit foundations in America award nearly $100 billion annually in grants, while our federal government grants almost $1 trillion to state and local agencies alone. That’s a lot of financial blessing going somewhere to happen! If it’s health care, housing, small business, education or the arts, there’s a grant for it. But imagine if you…

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13 Radical Ideas To Ponder When You’re Backed Into a Financial Corner

Inflation. Cost of living. Child care. Health insurance. Student loans. Medical bills. Housing prices. The cost of living can all be pretty intimidating when it affects your financial security. If supply chain issues seem to be choking your household budget, you’re not alone. Actually, you’re in good company! Not long before King David took the…

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4 Ways To Factor Fear Out of Your Finances

When it comes to money, the world would have you believe there are two groups of people: the “Haves” and the “Have Nots.” God — in His way of doing business — sees it differently. For Him it comes down to the “Fears” and the “Fear Nots.” The Fears are those people who are afraid…

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Winning the Battle to Make Ends Meet

God wants you to financially prosper and to live a blessed life. Do you believe that? Or do you find yourself living in a constant battle to make ends meet? If so, there’s good news. In Deuteronomy 8, God shares three truths that will change the way you understand obtaining wealth. Knowing and claiming these…

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How to Take Communion Over Finances

Wondering how to get a breakthrough in your finances? Try these tips on how to take Communion over finances. If you’re facing a challenging situation in your finances today, you may already be tithing, giving and speaking the Word over your circumstances. But if you haven’t yet achieved victory in this area, you may be…

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VIDEO: What Does God Call You?

Do you wonder about what God wants you to do? What is your calling? You have the responsibility to feed people the Word of Life. Watch as Brother Copeland teaches you about your ministry in Jesus Christ. First, you must be fruitful; then, you can go on to multiply to others.

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VIDEO: The Prosperous Life

Gloria Copeland gives direction as to how to live the prosperous life using God’s Word and personal experiences. You’ll enjoy watching her share these principles, and as you put them into your life you’ll see victory.

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What Is the Law of Giving and Receiving?

God desires to pour out His glory in greater measure than ever before, not just in our hearts, lives and church services, but in our finances as well. The law of sowing and reaping, for example, is a powerful force. Its principle of giving governs everything in the kingdom of God and is fundamental to…

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Do I Have to Tithe?

This is a cornerstone of real, biblical prosperity. God’s financial blessings are reserved for the tither alone. The person who fails to tithe disqualifies himself from receiving the abundance God has for him. God Himself said in Malachi 3:8, “Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein have we…

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How Can I Live Debt Free?

Right now your mind is probably going off in every direction. Is it a sin to borrow money? Oh, my goodness, I’ll never get by without borrowing money! My church even borrows money—surely, my church can’t be wrong!, etc., etc. First of all, we are not saying it’s a sin for you to borrow money….

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Does God Want Me to Prosper?

People have the idea that spiritual things are separate from material things. That isn’t true. Spiritual laws govern material things. A Spirit (God) created all matter. So the laws of prosperity will work for anyone who will meet the biblical requirements to walk in them. God’s will concerning financial prosperity and abundance is clearly revealed…

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