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4.Learn: Your victory is as close as the Word!

Build a firm foundation on God’s Word concerning your success by enjoying this content from Kenneth and Gloria Copeland. You can live in victory!

3 Words That Will Change Your Life

Bring change to your world by confessing Jesus is Lord over it, setting straight who’s really in charge here! How many times have you heard this? “This is Kenneth (and Gloria) Copeland reminding you…God loves you, and we love you and – Jesus Is Lord!” You’ll hear those three powerful words at the close of…

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3 Steps To Making Quality Decisions

Quality decisions are ones from which there is no turning back. It’s a decision you make that propels your life forward, and one from which you never retreat. It’s not a response or a knee-jerk reaction; it’s a proactive decision in agreement with God and in alignment with His Word. God told us in Deuteronomy…

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Psalm 91: 15 Steps to a Long and Satisfying Life

Even if you’re not a real planner-type person, it’s pretty hard to avoid all the plans we’re faced with almost daily. Phone plans…Internet plans…business plans…retirement plans…wedding plans… vacation plans…dinner plans…weekend plans. Regardless of whether or not you’re the kind of person who likes to think about and plan for the future, there is one plan…

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Wish You Could Take the “Un” out of Your Daily Unexpecteds?

Stop and think about how many suddenlies you deal with in a day or a week. You know… Suddenly, there’s no Internet. Suddenly, the puppy left a wet spot on the new rug for you to clean up. Suddenly, the car has a flat. Or, it could be… Suddenly, you got a raise. Suddenly, you’re…

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5 Ways To Uncancel Yourself

Cancel culture is out of control – so much so, it has even started devouring itself. When a society is looking for reasons to shame or ruin people, we are no longer living in America as it was intended at its founding. So how do we respond as Christians? Well, we’ve had some practice here…

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The Right FIRST WORDS for 3 Scenarios

Your FIRST WORDS. They matter. And they often determine your outcome—good or bad. You may have resolved to respond in faith in the face of your very next challenge, but do you know what kinds of things to say? Of course, you want to always inquire of the Holy Spirit in the moment for the…

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Psalms for Every Situation

Within the Psalms you’ll find every kind of emotion, trial, frustration, betrayal and hurt, as well as worship, rejoicing, excitement and wisdom. The beauty of the Psalms is that they allow for your emotions, but they always point you back to Almighty God, where your attention belongs. It’s easy to put your eyes on the…

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How to Lose Weight God’s Way

If you’ve struggled to lose weight and keep it off, you know it isn’t just as simple as trying the latest diet. Being fit and healthy is God’s will for you. So, don’t give up! If you’re ready to lose weight God’s way and become healthy for His service, try these simple tips to help…

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Is Civil Disobedience Ever Biblical?

Recent events, including unprecedented tyrannical behaviour, have left many Christians wondering how to respond to certain government mandates. As the last days draw nearer, more such dilemmas will occur, and as with anything else, we must always determine the proper course of action through studying the Word of God. When the government moves to unconstitutional…

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A Guide to Making Wise Media Choices

The consumption of media in today’s world is staggering. The average American consumes five hours per day of television, and that doesn’t include time spent on social media, listening to music, playing video games or reading magazines. (We don’t recommend this!) Spending so much time immersed in media is how Christians are most likely to…

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A Foolproof Method for Finding Mr. or Mrs. Right

Here’s the big misconception… Finding the right spouse = finding the perfect person for you. The truth is there is a lot more to choosing someone to share your life with than most people know. And it has less to do with waiting than you might think. If your heart is longing to find that…

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7 Ways to Help Get Out the Christian Vote

Twenty-five million Christians who were registered DIDN’T VOTE in the 2016 election. In addition to that number, 15 million Christians weren’t registered to vote at all. That’s 40 million missing votes! You can help change this disappointing statistic. Here are 7 Ways to Help Get Out the Christian Vote and make a BIG IMPACT in…

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