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3.Pray: Stand in prayer and in faith, knowing God hears every word.

Pray God’s promises concerning your faith with these Bible-based prayers. When you pray according to His Word—His will—you know He hears, and answers every time.

A Prayer to Overcome Unbelief

Keep the weeds of unbelief out of your heart. Say this prayer today! A garden with beautiful flowers is wonderful, but if you aren’t diligent, it can be overcome with weeds. Just like in a garden, you have to be diligent to keep the weeds of doubt and unbelief out of your heart. How do…

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A Prayer for Activating Your Faith

First John 5:18 says, “We know that whosoever is born of God sinneth not.” This doesn’t mean that if you sin you’re not born of God. It means if you’re born of God, you don’t practice sin—you’re doing your best to keep out of it. You could say it this way: “Whosoever is born of…

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A Prayer for Living by Faith

Thank You, Lord, for the measure of faith You have given me. I refuse to be moved by outward circumstances, but only by what Your Word says. I will trust in the Lord with all my heart and I will not lean upon my own understanding (Proverbs 3:5). Thank You for saving me! Ephesians 2:8…

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A Faith-based Prayer for Your Giving

Pray according to God’s Word when you give, and receive the promised harvest on your seed sown. Father, Your Word says that He who ministers seed to the sower both ministers bread for my food and multiplies my seed sown and increases the fruits of my righteousness. Therefore, I am enriched in everything to all…

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Prayer of Faith

Always remember the enemy does not have any weapon or device greater than our faith. God has given you His Word, so you can have confidence that your prayers will be answered. Believe that the things you say and pray will come to pass. Father, I come before You in the Name of Jesus, and…

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Prayer of Faith for Others

Heavenly Father, I cease not to pray for ____________________, that You may grant him/her a spirit of wisdom and revelation and insight into mysteries and secrets—in the deep and intimate knowledge of You, having the eyes of his/her heart flooded with light so that he/she can know and understand the hope to which You have…

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