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3.Pray: Stand in prayer and in faith, knowing God hears every word.

Pray God’s promises concerning your faith with these Bible-based prayers. When you pray according to His Word—His will—you know He hears, and answers every time.

A Prayer To Stay in the Faith Lane

Staying in faith is the key to achieving every desire of your heart – even the most secret ones. God has great plans and purposes for your life, and He desires that you achieve every one of them! His promises aren’t just there as something to wish or hope for – they belong to you….

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A Prayer To Receive a Rhema Word From God

Hearing from God is what we are called to live and breathe for, and what most of us desire more than anything. The Greek word logos is the written Word of God. We learn, grow and are instructed through reading His Word. But maybe you’ve experienced this – a situation arises, and you know you…

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A Prayer To Receive Revelation of the Goodness of God

There’s a big difference between knowing something mentally, and knowing it experientially and intimately. People can be acquainted with one another, but a husband and wife know each other in a much more intimate way. Demons know Jesus is Lord, but we know Him as Lord in a way that causes us to receive Him…

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A Prayer to Stop Worry for Good

You don’t have to live a life of uncertainty, fear or worry. You can take your stand on the promises in the Word of God, cast all your cares on Him, and never worry again. How do you take the first step? Take Communion over it. But don’t do it quickly or lightly. Before you…

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A Prayer to Speak the Right Words

You know your words matter. You believe you will have what you say (Mark 11:23). Yet, you feel like you can’t quite get your mouth to cooperate with your mind and spirit. What should you do? You need to enlist supernatural assistance! God has commanded that we watch our words (Matthew 12:36), and whenever He…

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A Prayer of Repentance for Making Others Your Source

At the 2020 Southwest Believers’ Convention, Keith Moore shared a powerful word about trusting in God ALONE. Supernatural things happen when we release our faith in man, and turn all our hope and trust to God as our ONLY Source! At the end of this session at the convention, a man sitting in on the…

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A Prayer to Receive a Fresh Impartation of the Word

You may have read the same scripture a hundred times, but the living Word of God is so vast in its greatness and power that you can read it yet again and receive a fresh impartation that impacts your spirit in a new way. That’s why being a Christ-follower is so exciting! There is so…

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A Prayer to Possess Your Promised Land

There’s a dream in your heart. You don’t think about it every minute, but it’s always there… Calling to you. If you could make it happen, you would. But something inside you reminds you that anything with God involves a process. He’s a God of order, after all. You may have been waiting for five,…

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A Prayer to Exchange Your Will for God’s Will

Lunch bag trades are serious. When you were a kid in grade school, you likely had at least one opportunity to trade an item from your lunch bag for an item in another kid’s lunch bag. But you didn’t do this without really considering what you were getting. For example, no kid is going to…

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A Prayer to Break the Spirit of Deception

Deception is the devil’s tactic. His only hope to take out believers is to get them to believe a lie. He does it so subtly as to make it almost seem true. Almost. If you’re walking in the light of the truth, you won’t fall for it. But if you’ve allowed the hype in the…

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A Prayer for a Fresh Start

Are you needing a fresh start in life? Maybe you’re overcoming some recent challenges, working to move beyond a hurtful past, or simply looking to become a stronger, more victorious Christian. Whatever your desire, know this: There is a fresh start waiting for you! No matter how long you’ve been where you are, it’s no…

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A Prayer for a Faith Revolution in Your Life

rev·o·lu·tion: noun:a dramatic and wide-reaching change Do you need a revolution in your life? A dramatic turnaround in your finances? A complete 180 in your health? An extreme makeover in your marriage? Whatever it is you desire—if it lines up with God’s Word—it’s supposed to be yours. Now. Jesus already provided everything you need to…

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