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3 Habits of Spiritually Fit Christians

Living a victorious life begins with every one of our daily activities. Such an idea might seem small, but it’s really not. The actions we perform daily are what our lives ultimately become. Think of it this way: If we sow to our flesh every day, the results will never be what we desire. But…

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Kenneth Copeland’s Tips for Walking in Love

If you ever turn on our flagship television program, Believer’s Voice of Victory, or attend a KCM event, you’re going to hear a lot about how to develop and use your faith for victory in every area of your life. That’s Kenneth and Gloria Copeland’s calling! And that’s why you’ll also hear a lot about…

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Should I or Shouldn’t I? 4 Questions To Ask When Deciding What’s Right

In seeking to live a godly lifestyle and honour the Lord, many Christians have questions about right living and making good decisions. From what to eat or drink, to whether to watch a certain movie, to who we spend time with, some things are less clear than others. But God is not the author of…

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4 Common Ways Christians Compromise With the World

Satan is subtle. He knows most Christians won’t jump right in and compromise for the sake of it. They have to be convinced that it’s no big deal or that certain biblical standards are “outdated” or no longer relevant. Why do followers of Christ sometimes follow the world instead? Here are 4 Common Ways Christians…

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A Checklist for Discipling Another Believer

Discipleship is God’s method of growing His Church and growing leaders. It is believers modelling and teaching God’s Word and His precepts to other believers, to help them grow and strengthen in their walk of faith. Every believer needs to be discipled, and every believer needs to disciple others. When we do, nothing will be…

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What the Names of God Mean to You

God’s power is so vast, no one name could ever describe Him. Everything about His nature is designed to meet every need and desire you could ever experience on the earth. When you learn who He is to you, you’ll gain greater confidence in going boldly to His throne with your needs, knowing that who…

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The Benefits of Being Righteous

When you were born again, you weren’t half-reborn, you weren’t made half-righteous or a quarter righteous. You were made the righteousness of God in Christ! You were made a “joint heir with Him.” According to Strong’s Concordance, the term joint heir refers to “a personal equality based on an equality of possession.” But do you…

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The 10-Day Honour Challenge

There is great power in honour. Did you know that? God has prepared great rewards for those who obey Him and honour those He has commanded us to honour. If you’ve felt like your life has become stagnant in any area or that you know you could reach higher in your faith—how you honour God…

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Scriptures About the Power of Fortified Borders

Are your doors locked? Alarm set? Guards in place? Have you checked the perimeter? No, we’re not talking about your house or cars—we’re talking about your spiritual borders. In the Bible, a fortified city was considered a blessing, a place of security and strength, and something to be desired. We, too, should desire the blessing…

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How to Respond When Satan Attacks

Satan is a cruel, merciless being. He doesn’t care if you are 3 years old or 93. His ambition is to steal, kill and destroy, and he will do it if you let him. Satan will pressure you into acting on fear and then condemn you for it. He will push you into a corner…

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How to Respond When God Gives Correction or Instruction

You’ve heard from God. Maybe it was while you were praying or listening to someone preach the Word—or perhaps it was while you were getting ready for your day. He spoke to you and corrected you or gave you an instruction. And because it came from Him, you know it’s important. Whenever God speaks, you…

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How to Imitate the Love of Others

One of the best ways to improve your love walk is to imitate those who are most loving toward you. In 1 Corinthians 11:1, Paul says the same thing: “Pattern yourselves after me [follow my example], as I imitate and follow Christ (the Messiah)” (Amplified Bible, Classic Edition). Recognise True Love Now, keep in mind,…

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