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3 Ways to Know if the Desires of Your Heart Are God’s Will

They are in His Word. This may seem obvious and simple, but the fact is many Christians don’t consider this factor when making a decision. There are times when you need to inquire of God, but others when you don’t because He’s already given the answer. Second Timothy 2:15tells us that we are to rightly…

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3 Tips to Keep Your Faith in Constant Motion

Stagnant or flowing? Which type of water source would you want to drink from? While stagnant water invites bacteria and disease-carrying larvae, flowing water is a pure, continual source of life-giving refreshment. The same is true of faith. Stagnant faith stinks! And it doesn’t bring life. Faith in constant motion brings life and a continual…

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3 Reasons Why You Are an Heir of God

Did you know you are an heir to a vast fortune? Many Christians don’t know about their inheritance in Christ. Some even believe God withholds from them. Others simply don’t realise that everything the Father has belongs to them—now. When you read the Bible, you’re also reading “The Will.” When you study the Word, you’ll…

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25 Faith Essentials Every Christian Needs to Know

Faith is a powerful force. Everything that happens to us supernaturally happens by faith. Somewhere, somehow, someone has to release faith for the supernatural to happen in our lives. Faith, as powerful as it is, won’t accomplish anything as long as it’s just sitting inside us. So, whether it’s getting us born again or getting…

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15 Scriptures About Dominion

We have dominion on the Earth! Given by God to mankind from the beginning (Genesis 1), our dominion is not to rule over other people; but instead, we are meant to have authority over every situation—physical, financial, emotional and spiritual. Most Christians do not boldly take their place in a position of dominion because it…

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10 Scriptures About the Power of THE BLESSING

We are BLESSED. The Bible is chock full of verses saying just that. Jesus paid the price for everything we could ever need or desire now and for eternity. Yet, so many Christians are crying out to God and acting like He hasn’t already provided for them. Instead of begging God to BLESS us, what…

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What Discernment Is and How To Use It

Discernment is a word you often hear in Christian circles. But, what does it really mean, and how are we supposed to use it? Find out more here. As Christians, we often hear the word discernment referred to as something we should expect to experience and use on a regular basis. It is a tool…

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Two Ways Christians Practice Life-Hindering Unbelief

During the three years of Jesus’ ministry, there was one thing that hindered His ability to work miracles more than anything else—unbelief. In Nazareth, for example, Jesus’ neighbours and childhood friends refused to accept Him. He was met with resistance and as a result, “He did only a few miracles there because of their unbelief”…

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Two Scriptures That Changed Everything for Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

In the 1960s, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland were deeply in debt, stretched thin, living from paycheck to hopeful paycheck. Gloria recalls, “Right after we got married, Ken went into a business enterprise that we thought was going to make us rich. So, I quit my job and went to work for this new company. Two…

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The “Ifs” Between You and Your Promise

If you’ve been standing on the Word of God for finances, healing, a family relationship—or anything else—but haven’t seen a manifestation, there might be a very good reason. You see, the love of God is unconditional, but His promises are not. Even salvation is attached to a prerequisite—an “if” — which we see in Romans…

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How to Stand for Your Covenant Rights

You may not know it, but we’re at war. We’re in a spiritual battle—and we’re winning. But just like Israel had to rise up physically to take the land of Canaan, you and I have to rise up in the spirit if we’re going to establish the dominion of God in the earth. Your being…

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How to Renew Your Hope

Have you ever faced the temptation to lose hope, grow weary and give up? Maybe you’re believing God for a miracle in your family, your body or your finances, but it’s just not happening. Has your faith failed? No, this is not the failure of your faith…it is a breakdown of your hope. What is…

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