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3 Keys to Chronic Joy

On a scale of one to 10, what’s your level of joy? If you answered on the low end of the spectrum, it’s likely because you are facing some challenges that have you down. Well, we want to encourage you today because God tells us what to do in these times. When great troubles come…

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2 Key Elements That Make Faith Work

Is your faith working as well as it should be? There are two key elements that make faith work. They are like rocket fuel for your spirit. The best part – we can apply these elements and see results in our lives quickly, no matter how new we are at understanding faith. As you read…

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Victory Is Now!  2 Keys for Your Next Breakthrough

It’s tempting to think our faith will work if we just pray hard enough, but that’s not what our loving God intends for us at all. Faith is defined as simply agreeing with God and His Word. What’s more, He promises that through our faith and by simply agreeing with Him, all His riches in…

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The Power of Speaking the 7 Names of God

The Hebrew Name for God, Yud Hey Vav Hey, means “too much to contain or comprehend.” From this we know that God is whatever we need Him to be. Whatever you’re in need of – hope, peace, healing, finances – God has made it available to you. But to get what we need from the…

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A Word From the Lord Regarding the Current Economy

The media will do it over and over. They’ll feed you fear by the spoonful – especially about the things going on in the current economy. They pan into empty store shelves and ports backed up with cargo ships, and tell you how much worse it’s going to get. We know the Word of God…

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How To Obliterate the Top 5 BLESSING Blockers

Are you experiencing a delay in receiving the desires of your heart? Yes, there is God’s perfect timing, but it’s important to determine whether you’re waiting for His timing or if your delay is a hindrance that needs to be cast into the sea. Here, we’re sharing the top 5 BLESSING blockers and how to…

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10 Times God Picked a Date

Picking a date is important to God. There are times in the Bible when God chose the date, and there are times when His people did so by faith. God doesn’t just say, “Someday, somewhere, somehow.” He is very specific in setting appointed times for different manifestations. If you’ve been wandering in the land of…

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14 Scriptures About Your Covenant of Protection

There is a place in Christ Jesus where we abide in the secret place of God’s protection. The world knows nothing about this secret place, nor can they live there…. It is a place revealed by the Holy Spirit. It is for the obedient. Our life is hid with Christ in God. That was a…

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7 Scriptures to Keep Your Faith Present Tense

Faith can often seem like an abstract concept. Is it a feeling, a belief, a philosophy? Can you make it stronger, can you improve it, can you get more of it? These are things many Christians grapple with. But faith isn’t really hard to figure out at all. The devil is the author of confusion…

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30 Scriptures About Calling Things That Be Not

This is your moment. The time to call things that be not as though they were. Not tomorrow, not when things look better – NOW. You’ve been standing and believing, maybe for a long time. But if you haven’t seen your manifestation, the hard truth is that the problem isn’t on God’s end of the…

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The Rice Experiment Proving the Power of Words

A professor in Japan took three different containers and filled each container with an equal amount of cooked white rice. He labelled one container, “Thank You,” another “You’re an Idiot,” and the third he left blank. Every day, the professor spoke to each container according to its label. For 30 days, he spoke to each…

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Scriptures About the Prophet

Prophets can be a bit of a mystery. One thing is sure: We need prophets. God has set them among us to protect, watch, release miracles, confirm and impart gifts, engage culture, uproot, plant, tear down, and build—all through speaking out God’s message to His people, at His direction. You have a part to play…

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