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Transformative Obedience

Transformative Obedience

Obedience is transformative because God’s word is transformative! It’s transformative because The WORD is living – it is not a relic that does not have power. The WORD is alive, active, and actionable today. You can do all things, through Christ (The WORD) who strengthens you (Philippines 9:11). So, what about that vision He put…

The Covenant and The Contradiction

The Covenant and The Contradiction

If you’ve ever had questions about why the blood of Jesus was necessary for the forgiveness of your sins, or why redemption was needed in the first place, God, The Covenant, and the Contradiction is a new book written by Kenneth Copeland and Pastor Greg Stephens. Together, they reveal how the holy Bible is a…

Serving the Vision

Serving The Vision

Serving your local church is an integral part of your spiritual journey and growth. It involves embracing a vision that aligns with God’s purposes. Serving with a vision allows you to contribute meaningfully to the growth and impact of your church community. But, what does The WORD say about serving with a vision?

Great Is Your Faithfulness

Great Is Your Faithfulness

The faithfulness of God will help you in every circumstance of your life. He is faithful to bless us beyond measure, and supplies more than what is needed. He does infinitely beyond what we dare to ask or think. Why? Because He is faithful. And GREAT IS HIS FAITHFULNESS!

The Anointed Woman

The Anointed Woman

Mothers play a very important role in our lives. They are the anointed woman. They are the bond that holds our families, our churches and our communities together. Mothers are anointed to nurture us into our kingdom purpose. The bible encourages us to honour our mothers daily. So, we honour and celebrate all the women…

One Word Can Change Your Life

In the year of exciting blessings, we have introduced the Grow Series for you to achieve your full potential in Christ as you develop a deeper relationship with God. The Grow Series is a three-day study guide, based on Kenneth and Gloria’s teachings, designed for you to grow deeper in God. Filled with prayers, confessions and promises from God, the Grow Series is a moment for you to pause, meditate, and study The WORD until it becomes real in your life. 

Selah – Pause and Reflect

‘Selah’ is a word that appears in the Bible, particularly in the book of Psalms, and is often used to indicate a pause or a moment of reflection. This Easter, we invite you to Selah – to pause and reflect on the sacrifice of Jesus and the power of His resurrection. For seven days we…

Activate Your Anointing

Activate Your Anointing

This is precisely the time to activate your faith and believe that God will do exactly what He says He will do. Your faith in Christ was not meant to sit unused on a shelf, but to be living and active, working in the trenches of your life. The bottom line is, your faith works when you work your faith. Choosing to focus on God’s Word, expressing your faith, and walking it out every day will activate the Anointing of God in your life.

Jesus is The Reason

Jesus Is The Reason

Each December, images of Santa Claus are everywhere. We see visions of a large man in a red suit with a long white beard and rosy cheeks. For believers the celebration of a King born in a manger to save His people from their sins is a redemption story that brings joy and meaning to this season. Jesus is the central figure of Christmas, even the marketing invention that is Santa Clause is based on a real Saint who was a believer of the Prince of Peace.

Revelation Knowledge

What is Revelation Knowledge?

As Christians, we have access to guaranteed solutions to every situation we face—solutions that guarantee more-than-a-conqueror results every time. It’s called revelation knowledge, and it’s more than just a benefit of being a believer—it is the key to living a life of victory every day.The Greek word that’s translated knowledge in Scripture means more than just a mental understanding of something, more than the kind of knowledge that can be gained through your senses. It means exact knowledge. Knowledge revealed directly to your heart by the Spirit of God—that’s revelation knowledge.

Seven Steps to a Deeper Prayer Life

Did you know you have a direct line to God? Anything, when asked in the name of the Son, is a yes and amen. You might be praying every day, but there are steps you can take to develop an even deeper prayer life. God desires a close relationship with you, and prayer is the key.

Finding Your Purpose

Finding Your Purpose in the Lord.

re is a divine assignment for you. Everything you need to know about your divine assignment is in the Word. God’s WORD is alive. It is the living voice from heaven, just as you would if Jesus called your name and spoke with you personally.

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