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A Prayer for Partners

A Prayer For Partners from Kenneth Copeland

Our Covenant Partners frequently sow with their heart and their hand. They have given God their “YES,” and actively participate in the kingdom mission of Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Kingdom mission work like: successfully rescuing Jewish Ukrainian refugees to Israel to make Aliyah during a season of war. Our Covenant Partners pray for us, as we…

The Power of Partnership

The Power of Partnership

How do you activate the power of partnership? As a believer, God calls you to carry out the deeds of Jesus, moving beyond an ordinary natural existence. God supplies His supernatural power through individuals whom He has uniquely anointed. Ephesians 4:11, written by Paul, states that God “bestowed some as apostles, some as prophets, some…

Still The Same Gabby

Two-time Olympic gold medallist Gabrielle Douglas thought about giving up many times. Through emotional and physical exhaustion she had victory fixed on her heart because her early years in KCM Children’s Ministry as part of the Superkid Academy, taught her to put God WORD first place, and make it final authority. Gabby made history in the 2012 Olympics in London because she was rooted in faith in her family, and her extended Church family at Eagle Mountain International Church.

An Apostle To Physicians

God calls things as they should be, not as they are (Romans 4:17). He will equip you for kingdom work when He calls you. It is up to you to answer and obey, as was the case for Dr. Avery Jackson. He felt as comfortable in surgery as most people feel having a cup of…

Walk In Your Anointing

Walk In Your Anointing

In the Church, a lot of emphasis is placed on the importance of fellowshipping with one another and connecting with like-minded believers. as the Body of Christ, we need to understand that we don’t have church just to have a place to hang out, or so we can be around people who treat us with a little respect. We come together to connect with God’s Anointing.

Shine The Light of Jesus

Christmas is a time the world pauses to look to Jesus. For some, Christmas is the only time they hear about Jesus, for others it’s the first time they meet Jesus. But, can you imagine if every day was Christmas? What would it look like if every day was the first day we met Jesus? One church in Central Victoria is introducing, and reintroducing people to King Jesus and bringing the children of God to salvation for eternal Christmas in His presence.

Deep Roots

Deep Roots Beautiful Fruits

When you are deeply rooted in the WORD of God and know His salvation, you are called to bare beautiful fruit that leads others to God. Seventeen-year-old Bob Nichols did just that! It was the summer of 1952, the year before his senior year of high school and Bob was in his yellow Mercury doing 150kmph on a two-lane road racing to get home late at night, when God needed an answer to the call Bob acknowledged three years before.

When Dreams Come True

When Dreams Come True

All Ted Winsely wanted was to play in the NFL. He did not know if that dream would ever come true. He struggled with his identity until he learned to live by faith. Through the influence of Brother Copeland, and his partnership with KCM, Ted part-took in the shared anointing to see God’s abundance under unlikely circumstances

New On Victory

New On VICTORY Channel!

The voice of VICTORY is needed to spur Christians to stand strong in their faith. TOGETHER, we are reaching more people than ever before through VICTORY Channel, and we’re not slowing down! We are continuously looking to expand our programming. We are increasing the number of available voices so more lives can be impacted by…

Defying Death

Defying Death

Gabriel and Evelyn Alexander didn’t believe for a miracle because they wanted a testimony. To get that, they had to defy death. And, that they did! Planting their feet firmly in the power of their faith, Gabriel and Evelyn answered the call to serve, and invited the court of heaven to stand in agreement with them as they defied death to live their divine appointment.

Date With Destiny

Date with Destiny

After his water baptism, a stranger prophesied over Creflo Dollar. After being baptised in the Spirit, the Lord led Creflo Partner with Kenneth and Gloria, where destiny was fulfilled.


Love In A Letter

Do you know how deeply we love our Partners? 36 years ago, Brother Copeland began writing letters to his Partners, as the Apostle Paul wrote to the church during his ministry. The love in each Partner letter since the very first, are not only a source of encouragement to Partners, but a source of truth…

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