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A Daily Plan to Draw Near to God

A Daily Plan to Draw Near to God

With work, raising kids, running errands and paying bills, even just a quiet time can feel like a challenge. So, how can you draw near to God? Check out this daily plan to help you get on your way. “Therefore, brothers, since we have confidence to enter the holy places by the blood of Jesus, by the new and…

A Story of Integrity From Kenneth Copeland

You are being watched. Everything you say and do is a testimony of your integrity, who you are and what you stand for.  Compromise is everywhere. From elections to boardrooms, from marriage vows to financial schemes, worldly compromise is truly all around us. That’s why it’s so important for God’s people to take a stand…

3 Reasons to Go on a Media Fast

Social Media. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube®, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, movies, TV, texting, email, internet. There are a lot of voices vying for your attention. At first, they’re just part of everyday life—resources we “need” to function. But over time, statistics, criticisms, gossip, bad news, updates and even sin continually flowing through screens clutter the heart and mind….

Ready for Great Change in 2020? 3 Reasons It Starts at Church

Ready for Great Change in 2020? 3 Reasons It Starts at Church

Stop going to church. You never thought you’d hear that from us, did you? Here’s the reason why. When you just show up every week at a church service, you’re shortchanging yourself, and you’re keeping yourself stuck right where you are in life. Which, if you’re merely a church attendee, is probably the same place you were…

The 7 Habits of Strong Christians

The 7 Habits of Strong Christians

When you establish the 7 habits of strong Christians in your life, it will keep you strong, protect you from the enemy, and catapult you to VICTORY. The secret to your future is hidden. It’s not hidden from you, though—it’s hidden for you. You see, your future is up to you. Whatever you have and whatever happens in your…

The Promise of Protection for All Believers in Psalm 91

The Promise of Protection for All Christians in Psalm 91

Every day, we, as believers, have a choice—stand in faith or kneel to fear. The enemy has initiated a full-blown assault against the Body of Christ, and fear is his biggest weapon. Even amidst all the destruction and unrest in this world, God has made a promise of protection for all believers in Psalm 91….

Q: I ask for God’s forgiveness, but keep doing the same thing over and over. What’s the key to victory?

A: Paul found his deliverance & victory in Jesus and so will you! You’re not alone. The Apostle Paul once faced the same dilemma! In Romans 7 he said, “I know that nothing good dwells within me, that is, in my flesh….For I fail to practice the good deeds I desire to do, but the…

5 Ways to Put Your Angels to Work

When you are abiding in God—obeying His Word, seeking Him with all your heart, loving Him and others—you have the right to utilize the ministry of angels God has provided. It’s part of your salvation package! He provided these powerful beings to aid you on the earth, to bless you, and to minister to you….

Be Willing!

If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land. Isaiah 1.19 A healthy body. Enough money to pay all your bills and extra to invest in the work of the gospel. A godly marriage and happy, healthy children. Peace of mind. God has prepared a banquet full of blessings for…

How to Share Jesus During the COVID-19 Pandemic

How to Share Jesus During the COVID-19 Pandemic

We are seeing the signs of the times with the current pandemic of COVID-19 (see Matthew 16:3). People are afraid to go outside without a mask and rubber gloves, afraid to talk to neighbours, and afraid to visit their elderly loved ones. We watch the news and hear how many people have died each day….

Get Free From Anxiety

A: God doesn’t want you to have fear over anything because He promised to never leave or abandon you (Hebrews 13:5). In fact, the phrase “Fear not” appears in more than 60 verses of the Bible! So what do we do if fear is tormenting us? The fastest way to remove fear from our lives…

7 Ways to Destroy the Spirit of Racism

Racism, at its root, is really a spirit of division. Learn 7 ways to destroy the spirit of racism in your life and family! No one in their right mind would willingly turn a rattlesnake loose in their home. Yet people everywhere are doing it, right now. They’re throwing open the doors of their lives…


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