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The Impact: Healing Is For Today!

The Impact: Healing Is For Today!

Abraham’s Testimony: Abraham* is a Kenneth Copeland Ministries Covenant Partner from Papua New Guinea. His love for God grounded him in The WORD, so he could receive his healing immediately. Watch as Abraham shares just how God spoke to him. Healing Belongs To You Jesus took sicknesses, diseases, weaknesses, and pains on the same cross…

Take Your Stand for Our Children at School

We are living in the last days, and as darkness grows darker, we see the light of God getting brighter. One of the ways we see the enemy attacking our children is through government controls in our schools. We have to push back and say “No more!” The great awakening is here, and it’s for all ages.

Revival Capital

The Revival Capital of The World

When God decides to create something, He calls “things which be not as though they were” (Romans 4:17). So, it’s no surprise that the first time He spoke to Kenneth Copeland about “The Revival Capital of the World®,” no such place existed.
Today, instead of being a vision that can only be seen through the eyes of faith, The Revival Capital of the World continues to grow into a visible, material reality.
Even with all that’s being accomplished, there’s more to be done and less time left to finish it. As Brother Copeland said 43 years ago when he first announced the vision for The Revival Capital, “The end of this age is staring us in the face. Jesus is coming so soon! There is no time for compromise in any form.

Faith Facts and Freedom

Faith, Facts and Freedom

Bad news, even in this world’s stressed-out economy, remains plentiful, accessible and cheap. But if you’re a born-again child of God, your news source must be faith-based. Must be factual, but most importantly must be free from control from ungodly influences. Victory News is reported through faith-filed journalism; where Gods word is first and final authority. It is a news source produced specifically to equip the saints of Jesus to strengthen the posture of your heart, for such a time as this.

Joshua Moment

Living In A Joshua Moment

We are living in a Joshua moment! Circumstances, for many of us, over the last two years have changed drastically. Changes in leadership have brought unpredictable hardships. More and more we are witnessing political violence, natural disasters, and unprecedented controls. As believers the blood of Jesus gives us the victory over every situation. We know that God is everlasting, the Alpha and the Omega; He is never changing – the same today as He was yesterday. The God of Joshua is the God of your Jericho wall today.

Church and State

The Battle Between Church and State

Are you watching your local news thinking: My God! Your people need You! VICTORY Channel presents a special report on Flashpoint where Pastor Gene Baily investigates the root of all this evil. Everywhere we turn we are flooded by rumours of war, domestic terrorism, government corruption or the perversion of families and children. Equip yourself in the WORD for such a time as this

Gods Supply Chain

God’s Supply Chain

Where ever you are in our region, you are most likely experiencing the shortages caused by supply-chain bottleneck issues. The entire world is experiencing record shortages of many products that consumers are used to having readily available. Items like food, household goods, electronics, automobiles and supplies of every kind—including baby formula. Prices are also increasing…

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