4 Ways To Hearing God's Voice

4 Ways to Hearing God’s Voice

How do you know when you are hearing God’s voice? When you commit to being available for The Master’s use, hearing God’s voice empowers you to surrender your own carnal desires and plans, and align yourself with God’s vision for your life.

There are four ways to know if you’re hearing God’s voice, and if you’re faithful in all four hearing His voice won’t be an occasional event, but a lifestyle

Name Your Seed

Q: What is “Naming Your Seed”?

Kenneth urges everyone to name your seed. God desires to meet our needs and heal us simply because He loves us. What naming your seed does is establish a point of contact for your faith. God has plainly declared that we will walk in His blessings when we sow to the spirit. What matters ultimately is that we are seeking the Spirit of God and receiving His direction in our lives.

Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

Legacy of Faith, Legacy of Love

Happy Diamond Anniversary to Kenneth and Gloria Copeland! 60 years ago this month, a union took place that changed the course of history for many—Kenneth Copeland and Gloria Neece wed in Little Rock, Ark. At the time, their marriage seemed like an everyday union. Kenneth was a 25-year-old Army veteran of the Korean War and…

Launch Operation Freedom

All over the world right now freedom is under attack. The devil is working night and day to rob us of our liberty in Jesus. When your personal freedom is under vicious attack, it’s time to launch your own “Operation Freedom” on the battlefield of life. Remember, God’s principle of freedom is in creation. God…

Generation Series: Real People. Real Faith.

Watch our Generation Series, and see how the message of faith is changing generations! For more than 50 years, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland have taught believers around the world how to live by faith and apply the Word of God to their everyday lives. The result? Generations of Spirit-led believers have learnt how to rise…

KCM Australia Staff’s Family Favourite Worship Tracks

We thought it would be fun to create a Spotify playlist for you with some of the KCM Staff’s Family’s favourite worship tracks in this season. It’s a mix of anthems, promises, reflections and declarations of faith and hope. At just the right time you might come across a song that contains a reminder or an…

7 Strategies for Building a Psalm 91 House

When you first move into a home, great care is taken to situate the furniture, hang family pictures on the walls, and decorate each room. A house becomes a home with time and love invested into establishing a comfortable space. But what about the spiritual side of your home? Does being a Christian mean your…

Q: How Do I Help Someone Find Jesus?

A: Nothing is more exciting or rewarding than sharing Jesus with someone else. Just simply sharing your testimony of how you gave your life to Jesus is a tremendous start. The Holy Spirit made you a new creation when you made Jesus your Lord (Romans 5:5; 2 Corinthians 5:17). And your spirit man received the…

Q: How do I overcome challenges in my marriage?

A: Wouldn’t it be great if our faith always produced instantly visible results? Instead of heated arguments, cold silences, constant frustration and enduring anger, our marriages were loving, kind, peaceful, joyful and mutually fulfilling? But that’s not always the case. If you’re struggling in your marriage, begin putting these principles to work today. Trust in…

Practising Patience

Patience has a twin—faith. Kenneth Copeland calls patience and faith “the power twins,” and with good reason. Often looked at as a giant goal to attain, patience is more like the vehicle that takes your faith to the finish line—where manifestation and victory are found. In fact, faith won’t get you where you want to…

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