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Three ways to practice patience

Three Ways to Practice Patience

Patience has a twin—faith. Patience is like the vehicle that takes your faith to the finish line —where manifestation and victory are found. The WORD tells us that those who inherit the promises of God are those who employ both faith and patience in their journey. Without patience you will give up and you’ll never see the answer you desire

Create a Victorious Life

Create A Victorious Life

With God’s WORD there’s peace, prosperity, freedom, power, healing and more. His WORD formed this universe and holds life-giving, dynamic power. As you are looking to create a victorious life, using His WORD can alter any circumstance in your favour. The more you focus and believe on the WORD, the more fruit you will bear, and the more God’s promises will bloom in your life. God’s Word will do its part so long as we refuse to turn away.

Grab Hold of Prophecies

Grab Hold of Prophecies

Prophecies from seasoned prophets, like Kenneth Copeland, are tools to guide us into what’s coming next, particularly at the start of a new year. This year, we want you to grab hold of prophecies that give you clear directions to your destination. Prophetic words give us directions to help us stay on the straight and protected path, guiding us to a miraculous and prosperous new year.

Tithing in a Famine

Tithing In A Famine

Have you ever thought: I cannot afford to tithe in this famine. Remember what God did for Issac during a famine. He will do it again for you because God is vitally interested in your finances. He wants to multiply and protect them. But He won’t be able to—unless you open the door for Him…

How to Pray for an Unsaved Loved Ones

How to Pray For An Unsaved Loved One

Your prayers can be a powerful force in the lives of the unsaved relatives and friends, if you know how to pray for them according to the wisdom and Word of God. But, how does anyone pray for an unsaved loved one? People often get discouraged when praying for the salvation of loved ones and…

Faith Authority

7 Facts About Your Authority

As a believer, there are facts about your authority you must know. There are 7 facts about your authority in Jesus Christ that will allow you to walk in power. Let’s examine God’s Word concerning that position and the authority we have in Him. When you made Jesus Christ the Lord of your life, Colossians 1:13 says…

Faith Lane

Living Life in The Faith Lane

When you jump on a highway, you have a choice. You can drive in the slow lane, cruise along in the middle lane, or move over to the fast lane. In life, you have choices, too, regarding which lane you’ll cruise in. You can hang out in the “safe” lane, the waiting-for-everything-to-fall-in-your-lap lane, the guarded…

You Are Loved

Prayer Works in Correction

Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount teaches us the worship of pray. In Matthew chapter 5, Jesus preaches about the beatitudes, opening His sermon with “Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven” (Matthew 5:3, NIV). Jesus continues His Sermon on the Mount and in Chapter 6 reveals to us the…

Faiths Quick Fix

A Quick-Fix For Worn Down Faith

Somewhere along the way, an unspoken rule was formed that says you must always have it together. Be perfect. Never feel weary in your faith. You don’t have to pretend anymore. Sometime you needs quick fix for when you’re feeling a little worn down. It’s time we break through the facade and discuss the reality…

Find Gods Favour

Access Gods Favour

by Gloria Copeland God’s favour will change your life and you have to know how to access Gods favour. How would your life look if you were surrounded, all day and every day, by God’s favour? How different would things be if doors opened for you, and you walked through each one covered with God’s…

My cup runneth over

Thanksgiving Is A Lifestyle

True thanksgiving is a lifestyle. Having a heart of thanksgiving brings God on the scene and neutralises the devil. The WORD tells us that if you pray according to God’s will, you know He hears you and you have the petitions you desired of Him (1 John 5:14 – 15). God’s WORD is His will….

Be Bold As A Lion

In the wild a lion is an apex predator, he is the king of beasts. Lions aren’t the strongest or fastest, but its mighty raw and regal confidence makes him the boldest. A lion never retreats from a threat or an attack; he is fearless and bold! As believers we are required to be bold…

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