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How to Study the Bible

To understand how important studying the Word is, we must first understand that the Word of God is alive! The Word can really affect and have a life-changing impact on our day-to-day living. God reveals Himself through His Word.

Is the blessing of God really for you?

We often don’t know in advance what great blessings are on the other side of our obedience to the Lord. We don’t know exactly what wonderful things He has in store for us until we step out by faith and do what He says. What we do know, however, is this: God has a plan…

You’re Worth It

You are the most beautiful thing He has ever seen and ever will see. Jesus is the Son of God. You probably already knew that. But what else is He? A lot. Jesus is the Word made flesh. Jesus is the fulfillment of prophecy. Jesus is your teacher, preacher and healer. Jesus is your gift from God.

Sow Your Seed

Your generosity enables us to minister the good news of the gospel to the world—from broadcasting the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast to staffing a Christian prayer team.

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