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Should you turn your light on at Halloween?

hether or not to participate in Halloween activities has been a big debate among the members of the Body of Christ. As believers, we have nothing to fear when the Holy Spirit is our guide. What does He have to say about this issue? The Bible tells us not to “copy the behaviour and customs…


We are always looking for new way’s to connect with you, our Partners & Friends, and we are excited to announce that we now have a mobile number you can send your prayer request’s to!

We are One: Guest Blog Post by Courtney Copeland

On April 10, 2015, my grandfather granted my request to come and preach to a mixed audience. The seats were mostly filled with young adults, and the setting was also heavily tailored towards young adults. Preaching to an audience like this was something I had not ever seen him do before—but was a night for the books.

How to Get Rid of Worry

Many Christians spend a lot of time worrying about their lives. They worry about their jobs, their families, their children, their homes, their schedules, the weather, traffic and more. The good news is Jesus died to free you from worry. It doesn’t have to exist in your life. Look at these five ways to get rid of worry.

Sow Your Seed

Your generosity enables us to minister the good news of the gospel to the world—from broadcasting the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast to staffing a Christian prayer team.

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